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100% Calcite Re-Mineral 
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Technical Information

The 100% Calcite filter cartridge is the most commonly used re-mineral filter. It is designed to raise the pH of influent waters. These cartridges contain sparingly soluble sacrificial medias that are only acted upon by acidic waters. They will have little effect on neutral or alkaline water. It is flow rate dependent, so longer contact time enhances results.

If your source water is very acidic and has a really low pH then you should use the magnesium mineral filter. The magnesium mineral filter will neutralize an acidity as low as pH 1.0. Higher pH feeds can utilize higher flow rates. As you approach ph 7 with low flow rates, the magnesium filter may tend to over-correct, resulting in a pH above 8.5. Therefore in most cases the 100% Calcite filter is what is used.


Size:  Height 9 3/4", Diameter 3"
Housing: Fits all standard 10 in. housings.
Post filter:  20 micron spun-bonded polypropylene.

Media:  CC-10 High purity calcium carbonate (Calcite)
Pre-filter:  100 micron reticulated poly foam.
Flow Rate:  0.10 - 1.50 gpm
Capacity:  Up to 100,000 gallons*
pH Range:  5 - 9

The Calcite filter can be used as a post filter to neutralize low pH R/O product water and waste streams as well. Since they are sacrificial, the Calcite filter will add 2-5 ppm of hardness to the water.

This is also an excellent way to reduce the corrosiveness of aggressive low TDS water.

Installation Instructions

The filter should not be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before and/or after the filter

The "O" ring in the housing should be periodically replaced and lubricated to prevent leakage.

Be sure to keep filter away from any heat source.

Change filter every six months or when rated capacity expires, whichever comes first.

Components of this filter are FDA approved.

100% Calcite Mineral Cartridge

International Shipping Information

100% Calcite Mineral Cartridge


Free & Fast Shipping for USA orders over $100.00

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