Iron & Lead Removal Cartridge Filter
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 Iron & Lead Removal
Cartridge Filter
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If you notice brownish-red color in your toilet or sink the culprit could be iron in your water. We have an accurate test kit which you can use to confirm your suspicions. Iron in tap water can literally kill your alkaline water ionizer because it reacts to the electronics in your machine. All attempts must be made to remove iron from your water before using it in your water ionizer. Installing a whole house water filter would be best but if all you are concerned about is the water from your kitchen faucet then using this Iron/Lead removal filter should do the trick. 


The CRC is a brine regenerable R/O prefilter and drinking water cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials and media.  It will remove lead and other heavy metals from feed streams and demonstrates a capacity of 2500 ppm gallons, even in hard water.  To determine gallons capacity, divide the 2500 ppm by the heavy metal content (as CaCO3) to be removed.  The result is the approximate number of gallons that can be treated.


The CRC can also be used to remove clear water iron as an R/O prefilter with exhibited capacities for iron in excess of 5000 ppm gallons.  This can eliminate iron fouling of and remove metallic tastes in drinking water caused by iron, copper or galvanized pipes. Other metals removed by the CRC include mercury, tin, nickel, chromium, cadmium, zinc, radium, barium, and selenium.  

     The CRC is regenerable using sodium chloride brine.

Technical Specification

SIZE Hieght 9 3/4" Diameter 3": : Fits all standard 10 in. housings.
POST FILTER 20 micron spun-bonded polypropylene. (other micron ratings available upon request)
MEDIA High efficiency sodium form ion exchange resin.
PRE-FILTER 100 micron reticulated poly foam.
FLOW RATE 0.5 - 0.75 gpm
CAPACITY *2500 ppm for lead; 5000 ppm for iron
pH RANGE 5 - 9

* Third party tested to reduce lead to less than 0.05 ppm from a 20 ppm feed stream for (equivalent of) 2500 ppm and more than 1500 ppm from a 0.25 ppm challenge.

Iron & Lead Removal Cartridge Filter

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 Iron & Lead Removal Cartridge Filter

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* Filtration capacities are based on water quality.

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