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Citric Acid
Cleaning Cartridge
for Jupiter Delphi, Athena, MicroLite, Neptune,
Melody, Orion, Aquarius, and Amega Actify 


Please note: This Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge is not for use in the Vesta 9 Plate ionizer 
This Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge is designed for use in:

Samsung/Ionways Vesta Athena Water Ionizer IonWays Delphi IonWays Melody Ionizer

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This Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge is heaven sent for all users of Jupiter alkaline water ionizers especially for owners of the Jupiter MicroLite and AlkaViva Venus which is not able to use Scale Guard Inserts. This cleaning cartridge will give you the best opportunity to clean the inside of your Jupiter Alkaline water ionizer like nothing else will. Keeping the inside of your water ionizer clean is key to obtaining the benefits of drinking alkalinewater. This is true even for the most expensive alkaline water ionizers such as Enagic's Kangen water machines. Calcium and magnesium scale build up can create a barrier between the water and the electrolysis plates in your water ionizer to such an extent that no ionization takes place. This is what often occurs when you test your "alkaline water" and the pH is the same as the tap water that went into your machine. Furthermore it can get worse. The scale can build up so much that water no longer comes out of the machine. This situation is not normally covered in any warranty agreement. This is why regular cleaning is so essential and why you will love this cleaning cartridge.

This is a one time use cleaning cartridge and we recommend that it be used at least once a year. It has enough citric acid in it to make a really acidic solution that will maximize the cleaning of your machine. Instructions are included; please read them before performing the cleaning. We only have an initial stock of 25 of these cleaning cartridge so get yours while quantities last.

Cleaning Cartridge for Jupiter Water Ionizers

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Cleaning Cartridge for Jupiter Water Ionizers



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