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KYK/EOS Genesis Platinum
Electrolysis Plate
Cleaning Cartridge
For use with all KYK and EOS Genesis model ionizers

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The Cleaning Cartridge will clean calcium build up from the electrolysis plates and internal pathways of the KYK Genesis or EOS Genesis Platinum water ionizers. It is inserted in the filter #2 compartment. This is recommended for all Genesis owners especially for customers with hard water with scaling issues that may interfere with the Genesis performance.

How often or when should you use the cleaning cartridge?
Clean the unit at least once every year especially:

  1. If you find small white particles mixed in with the alkaline water.

  2. When the pH level fails to vary in accordance with the unit's setting, as measured by pH indicator liquid.

  3. When the alkaline water comes out sparingly, stops, or when drops of white liquid after using the unit.

  4. If you have hard water, you should use the cleaning cartridge once every six to nine months.

Cleaning Cartridge Instructions:

1) Remove #2 filter from Genesis.
2) Insert cleaning cartridge.
3) Press the "on" button to run water on the "pure" water level for about 20 seconds or until you see white foam.
4) Press the "off' button to turn off water.
5) Let foam clean plates for about five minutes.
6) Run water for about five minutes until there is no more white foam.
7) Replace cleaning cartridge with your #2 filter.

The cleaning cartridge is one time use only.

EOS/KYK Genesis Cleaning Cartridge

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EOS/KYK Cleaning Cartridge Cartridge



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