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Life Ionizer 4100
Water Ionizers

$1,197.00 / $68.97
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The LIFE 4100 is LIFE Ionizers entry level water ionizer. It is uniquely designed and is appealing to many customers. This machine produces health alkaline water that in our opinion everyone should be drinking. The LIFE Ionizer 4100 is a really nice system that you will be sure to love. We have never had one of them returned to us. It  comes loaded with some cool stuff. Check it out:

  • Five (5) Platinum coated titanium plates

  • Twenty ( 20 ) levels - four levels of alkaline, three acidic, one purify mode.

  • Full function LED when water flow begins.

  • Flow rate indicator and a heat sensor to prevent overheating.

  • Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure.

  • One touch display.

  • SMPS- Power source that replaces old fashioned transformer. Same high tech electrical system that powers High Definition Television. Produces better quality water and extends system life.

  • Automatic Cleaning.

  • pH of up to 10.8.

  • 3 year warranty

LIFE Ionizer 4100 Installation Video

Life Ionizer 4100 Cartridge Filter Specs

  1. Granular quality carbon filter
    Reduces chlorine taste and odors, fast absorbing, generates low dust.

  2. Pi-ceramic Negative Ion filter
    Generates negative ion, making water clusters smaller

  3. BioMass ball-ceramic filter
    High quality ceramic filter designed for bacteria control

  4. Calcium Powder with Ultra Membrane
    Transforms structure to Hexagonal Water 

  5. Special Quality Sediment Filter
    Prevents sediment discharge

LIFE Ionizer 4100

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LIFE 4100 Replacement Cartridge Filter



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