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Microwater ND-145/ND-155 Ionizer  Replacement Cartridge Filter
NDF-01A & PC-140

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If you own a Microwater system made in Japan by Nichiden Co. LTD, then bookmark this page. This machine also goes under the name H2O Ionizer for Electrolyzed Water model # AH-162. Here you will find everything you will need to keep your machine running in tip top condition. We recently opened one of these babies and it looked like new inside after being used for 12 years, except that it was not making alkaline water anymore. This might be case with many customers who presently sing the praises of their Microwater system. Our advice is to check the ph of both the source (tap) water and also the ph of the water produced by the machine and compare them. If the ph of the water the Microwater unit makes is the same of less than the source water then the electrolysis chamber of your machine needs to be cleaned. Cleaning this area has proven to be a challenge because of the design of this system, but we will soon have a cleaning cartridge for this system that will make your system working like new again.

Replacement Cartridge Filters We carry two types of filter cartridges that can be used in this model. The first is the blue filter that most customers are familiar with. It is smaller than the newer white filter. The white filter holds more filtration media and does a really great job cleaning the water. You can try it for yourself and see which one you like better.

Microwater ND-145 Water Ionizer Specification

  • Installation Type:  Counter top

  • Water Source Accepted: Municipality treated safe drinking water

  • Power Source: AC 120v, 60 Hz  

  • Power Consumption: up to 160 Watts at maximum electrolysis

  • Dimensions: W: 9.5" D: 4.5" H: 11.4"

  • Weight: 11 lbs (dry) 12.8 lbs (wet)

  • Electrolysis Type: Continuous operation for up to 30 min.

  • Electrolysis Plate Construction: Titanium with platinum coating

  • Selection Options: 4 Levels of alkaline and acidic waters

  • Flow Rate (Alkaline): 4 liters per minute

  • Flow Rate (Acid): 4 liters per minute

  • Electrolysis Cleaning Method: Auto cleaning after each use

  • Filter Type: Granular activated charcoal 

  • Filter Life: 6 to 8 months depending on source water and frequency of use

  • Filter Life Indicator: Yes, but may not work after time. Never use filter beyond one year.

  • Water Pressure: Dynamic 65-350 kpa (0.7-3.6 kg/f)

  • Water Temp.: Less than 95 degrees F.

  • Length of Power Cord: 5.25 feet.

  • Circuit Protection: 7.0 amp fuse

  • Manufacturer: Nichiden Co. LTD Japan

  • Model No.: ND-145

These filters works in the Microwater ND-145 Series I, Microwater ND-155 Series II, as well as the PC-200 and PC-500 water ionizers. These machines are no longer available in the US market but have have secured a reliable source for these filters. The official name for this filter is the NDF-O1A. ND always stands for Nichiden. The white filter has the same capacity as the blue filter but it is slightly taller than the blue filter

ND Replacement Cartridge Filters

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Original Blue ND filter for ND-145/ND-155 Series


New Blue ND filter for ND-145/ND-155 Series



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