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Far Infrared
Arm & Leg Wraps



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Relaxes the Muscles 
Decreases Muscle Spasm
Decreases Stiffness in Tendons
Decreases Stiffness in Ligaments
Lessens Pain
Supplements a Weight Loss program

These wraps are for the arms and lower leg. They harness Infrared thermal energy and use it to penetrate target areas of the body such as arms and lower legs. Designed for safety: soft waterproof fabric with flexible tensile capabilities whatever the sitting or standing position. Safe heating circuits are designed to withstand any stretches or bends. This system adopts space-age Infrared carbon-fiber technology together with an advanced electronic control system. Allows easy adjustment of temperatures and times for individual needs in one or both wraps simultaneously.

Benefits of Infrared Therapy

Promotes good function of
Heat dilates the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood where applied, flowing relaxation and warmth throughout the body.

Keeps body warm and improves sleep
Research has shown that warming your feet before bed can improve your chances of sleeping for a restful night's sleep.

Relieve tense muscles
Increased blood flow through heat therapy helps relax tense muscles and stiffness, helping your body to regain flexibility.
Relieve Pain
Warmth stimulates sensory receptors in the skin and causes transmission of pain signals to the brain to decrease, leading to relief of discomfort.




 ON/OFF Switches the system 'ON' or 'OFF'
 MODE Press this button to adjust temperature and time
 TEMPERATURE SET Display temperature. Press button to increase or button to decrease the temperature, 1 grade for each time pressed. The temperature has 9 grades ranging from 35 C~ 60 C. The default temperature is grade 5
 TIME SET Display time. Press▼ button one time to increase 5 minutes or ▲ button to decrease 5 minutes for each time pressed. The time ranges from 5 to 60 minutes. The default time is 30 minutes.


  1. Strap the Far Infrared Limb WrapS around the chosen body part (arm, lower leg). The Far Infrared Limb Wrap should completely surround your body without becoming creased, doubled over or folded.

  2. Check to see if your household voltage is the same as that printed on the plug before plugging the device in.

  3. Press the "START" on, The red power indicator will be on, and the temperature and time digital LCD displays a default setting: temperature: 42C, time:40min

  4. Press "" and "" to adjust temperature (30C ~ 60C) and time (0-95min)

  5. Press Start to heat

  6. At the end of the session, towel off the sweat and wait 15 or 20 minutes before showering or having a bath, eating or drinking cold drinks. Do not worry if your skin is reddish: this reaction is due to the constant temperature it has been exposed to and will disappear after a couple of hours.

  7. Once you have finished your session, take off the Far Infrared Limb Wrap and spread it out on a flat surface until it cools down. Then clean it with a damp cloth and dry it. Store in a dry place.

 Voltage  AC100 -120V
 Material  Nylon, Space Carbon Fiber
 Dimensions (End to End)  Width x Length : 43 x 50 (cm) / 17.2 x 20 (inches)
 Temperature  30C ~ 60C * (Actual temperature may vary when in use)
 Timer  0-95 Min
 Net Weight  400 g / 0.082 lb (Each Wrap)
 Package Info  Width x Length x Height: 19 x 30 x 26 (cm) /
19 x 30 x 28 (cm) / 7.6 x 12 x 10.4 (inches)
 Weight: 2315 g / 5.1lb
 Limb Wrap X 2 ( can be used on arms or calves)
 Control Box X 1
 Manual X 1

30 Day Return Policy - Shipping is not refundable. 10% restocking charge. Products must be in resalable condition.

These Infrared Heat Devices are not medical products. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use any of these products, please consult your physician before using it. The information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.

Slim Leg & Arm Wrap PH-2K

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Far Infrared Products
 Infrared Mattresses|Infrared Sauna Domes|Portable Infrared Saunas|Slimming Infrared Wraps|Whole Body Sauna Wraps|Far Infrared Lamps

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