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Alkaline Water Ionizers
Mini Waterman H2Go Alkaline Water Ionizer
AOK Alkaline Water Bottle Ionizer
AOK Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer
coming soon..
Elita QL100 Non-Electric Alkaline Water Ionizer
AOK 505 Alkalizer Alkaline Water Ionizer
AOK 909 Alkalizer Alkaline Water Ionizer
Drink Alkaline Water & Grow Young

While non-electric and portable alkaline water ionizers are generally less robust than the electric models, they are generally less expensive and more affordable and let's not forget they don't require electricity. Non-electric alkaline ionizers also represent a more natural process for creating alkaline water much like how it occurs in nature by flowing over mineral rocks in high mountain streams. Furthermore. considering that we are living in volatile world, having a non-electric source to get clean alkaline water might just be a life saver in the days to come.

We have an impressive line up of non-electric models from which to choose. Anyone of these units will serve you better than a regular non alkaline water, water filter. The value of drinking alkaline water cannot be overstated. Be sure to read about the great health benefits of drinking alkaline water













Water FiltersAir FiltersSupplementsFar InfraredTest KitsBooksExerciseMagnetsBlock EMFBeauty

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