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pHion pH Booster System

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pHion Alkalive pH Booster is complete and comprehensive product. Customers have told us wonderful things about this product and what it has done for them. It has everything necessary to alkalize and hydrate your body. If you are an athlete be sure to put some in your water. It has:

  • Has 72 activated ionic minerals

  • Structures and clusters water for optimal absorption

  • Infuses your body with charged ions... the carriers of energy

  • Treats 20 Gallons of water

  • Tasteless and odorless

  • Includes free water pH test strips

You might want to consider this as your first step to drinking alkaline water. Even if you have a water ionizer the pHion Booster is great to carry when you travel and you might want to even add it to your Microwater. Folks with all the options available to you, there is no excuse for you to remain in an acid state and wait for your opportunity to occupy a bed in a hospital near you. Why subject yourself to a life of taking medication for the rest of your life when you can live a vibrant, healthy alkaline life? Adopt an alkaline diet today; starting with the thing you are made up mostly of: water.


pH Balance begins with super hydration

Water is the most important element required in establishing and maintaining proper pH. Since your body is 70% water, it is extremely important to constantly replenish your supply of it. The body loses 2.5 liters of water every day just through normal bodily functions. 


In order to hydrate your body optimally, you need to drink water that is alkaline and mineral rich. Alkaline water helps to neutralize acids and remove toxins from the body. Alkaline water also acts as a conductor of electrochemical activity from cell to cell. Ideally, water should have a ph between 8.5 and 9.5, and you should be drinking 3-4 liters of it daily. As you hydrate your body properly, you'll develop more of a thirst for water. Food cravings are often the body's cry for water. You might already have more of a thirst than you even realize.


pHion Alkalive™ pH Booster™ is an oxygen catalyst in the bloodstream.
Our unique 2 step formulation has been shown to have an alkalizing, neutralizing, oxygenating and pH balancing effect on the body. The 72 activated, ionic minerals in pH Booster™ deliver the best formula of liquid electrolytes available. Water with a pH of 9.5 is 500 times more alkaline than water with a pH of 7.0.

Step 1: Structuring Agent (8 oz. Bottle)

This unique formula of 72 activated ionic minerals helps to structure and cluster the water molecules. Structured water or water clusters are molecules that are held together in small groups of rings. Structured water contains the properties necessary to help it flow easily through the cell membranes, delivering vital elements back and forth to each cell. The water inside the cells of our body makes it possible to create energy and movement, transport nutrients and eliminate toxins.


Step 2: Alkalizing Agent (1.2 oz. Bottle)

When you add pH Booster™ to water, the alkaline pH of the formula will boost the pH of the water to an optimal pH of about 9.5. This alkaline water contains energetic dissolved oxygen to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. Use pH Booster™ to boost the pH of any beverage.


Structured Water, Alkaline water...

The uniquely activated elements in pHion Alkalive™ pH Booster™  are charged with subtle energy patterns (through a ground breaking vibrational process) resulting in uniform, tightly formed clustered patterns. Because of their natural magnetization, these clusters are  more organized and move in an orderly pattern throughout the body. This increases the stability of the molecules, and in turn, also helps to keep the cells themselves more stable. The result is higher conductivity within your entire body, leading to stronger cellular healing and assimilation. Over 99% of all chemical reactions in the cells are facilitated by water. After adding pH Booster™ to your distilled or spring water there will be higher molecular energy, faster vibration frequencies and more intensive vibration waves.  This facilitates optimal cell-to-cell communication in the body.

pHion Alkalive™ pH Booster™ is tested to be safe and non-toxic according to standards and test procedures established by the FDA.

Each pHion Alkalive™ pH Booster™ System Pack contains 240 servings. We offer quantity discounts when you order more than one. You can also get pH Boosterin all of our Supplement Packs.


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pHion Alkalive  pH Booster System


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