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Cellfood Oxygen Gel

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This mask forming, nutrient rich topical gel helps renew skin texture rendering it softer, smoother, and firmer. With regular use, fine lines around the eyes and mouth gradually decrease, while devitalized skin regains a luminous radiance. OXYGEN GEL™ also helps minimize uneven skin pigmentation marks and retards the aging process.

The following testimonial of the topical use of CELLFOOD might be useful to you:

"I've been in practice as an M.D. for 25 years- and a serious student of nutrition for several decades. In all these years I've never seen anything that even remotely compares to Cellfood as an overall benefit to the human body.

Aside from its great value taken internally, I personally utilized a topical solution made of a ratio of 1 drop of Cellfood to 10 drops of water, and - in 3 to 4 days - successfully treated my own eczema condition which I'd had for many years."

Dr. RN, M.D. - Hays, KS

Benefits of using Oxygen Gel

  • Renews skin texture rendering it softer, smoother, and firmer

  • Promotes more youthful looking complexion

  • Effective for all skin types

  • Rapidly restores your skin's natural balance

  • Dry skin becomes softer and smoother

  • Dry particles and uneven texture are noticeably reduced

  • Oily combination skin is refined, blemishes reduced

  • Moisture balance is revitalized

  • Devitalized skin pigmentation marks minimized

  • Fine lines around eyes and mouth gradually decrease

Contains NO mineral oil, not tested on animals

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