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Life Ionizer 7500
7 Titanium Plates - Dual Filters - SMPS Power System

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Life Ionizer Financing

Life Ionizer 7500 Installation Video

This is the latest counter top water ionizer from Life Ionizers. The Life Ionizer 7500 comes with 7 electrolysis plates, dual filters and SMPS power supply. Take a look at all its features:

  1. Seven (7) platinum coated titanium plates

  2. Dual Filter System with nine (9) stages. See below

  3. 8 pH levels - four levels of alkaline, three acidic and one purify mode

  4. Built-in pH Indicator

  5. Flow rate controller and heat sensor to prevent excessive usage

  6. Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure and temperature

  7. One-touch display

  8. SMPS- Power source that replaces old fashioned transformer. Same high tech electrical system that powers High Definition Television. Produces better quality water and extends system life.

  9. Automatic cleaning

  10. Multi color, full function LED and Digital display

MESH Plate Option
You can get your Life 7500 with MESH plates for only $100.00 more. This is said to improve performance of your water ionizer by 5%. See pricing options below

Ultra Violet (UV) Light Option
Now you can also get your Life 75000 fully equipped with optional UV lighting. This will give you extra peace of mind when it comes to sanitizing your water.  See pricing options below

The benefits of ionized water are clear:

  • Reverses the damaged caused by acidification of our bodies

  • Improves hydration though decreased cluster size

  • Increases oxygen/hydrogen angle oxygenates the body

  • Attributed to reduce blood pressure

  • Improves blood sugar levels in diabetics

  • Eases hypertension

  • Read Further studies by linking to our References Section



1. Sediments
Eliminates sediments (mud, rust, sand, etc) 10 microns or larger

2.  Pre-carbon filter
Absorbs & eliminates various compounds, remaining chlorine taste and odor, THM, etc.,

3.  Activated carbon filters
Ultra-fine coconut shell carbon, and silver impregnated carbon

4.  Final Stage Sediment filter
Reduces filter remnants and remaining sediments.




1.  Granular quality carbon filter
Reduces chlorine taste and odors, fast absorbing, generates low dust

2.  Pi-ceramic Negative Ion filter
Generates negative ion, making water clusters smaller

3.  BioMass ball-ceramic filter
High quality ceramic filter designed for bacteria control

4.  Calcium Powder added Transforms structure to Hexagonal Water

5.  Special Quality Sediment Filter

Life Ionizer 7500 Installation Video


FREE Bonus Package Includes:

  • Receive a Free Water Report (If requested, For U.S. Customers Only)

  • Single Prefilter Housing & 5 Micron Cartridge Filter

  • Free Quality DVD on Alkaline Water. "Vitalize, Energize, Alkalize"

  • SPECIAL BONUS: You'll also get 2 Half-Hour Free "Alkaline Life Coaching Sessions"

  • Free Shipping within the U.S. and Canada

Life Ionizer 7500 Water Ionizer

The LIFE 7500 has been replaced by the LIFE 7600

Life Ionizer 7500 Replacement Filter
Life Ionizer 7500 Bio Cartridge Filter #2


Life Ionizer 7500 Carbon Cartridge Filter #1


Life Ionizer 7500 Cleaning Cartridge


Carbon Pre Filter


Free Shipping on ALL Water Ionizers In All States & Canada

Free Shipping on ALL Water Ionizers In All States & Canada

All New water ionizers are shipped with new cartridge filters

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