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The Excel IE-900
Made with Japanese quality & craftsmanship
The Best Substitute For The
Leveluk SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer

Five (5) Year Warranty (electrolysis chamber)
Please note: not every site offers this five (5) year warranty

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They Sought The Best Technology.
When Enagic decided to enter the water ionizer market they came to the craftsmen who had been making water ionizers for decades, the engineers of Toyo Metal. Toyo have long been regarded as the masters in water ionizer technology and they possessed the technology of making residential alkaline water ionizers that could also make super oxide water. Enagic bought Toyo Metal and is now using this technology to make the expensive Leveluk brands of water ionizers. However the engineers from Toyo has continued to do what they have done for decades: make quality water ionizers, but now under a new name called the Impart Group. The IE-900 represents the crowning achievement of these Japanese experts. 

Now New & improved.
The IE-900 is a powerful and robust water ionizer that comes with a new and improved microprocessor and a smarter  electrolysis chamber than the Leveluk SD501 which makes the IE-900 process water at a faster speed. Some water ionizers even high priced ones cannot produce more than 3 gallons of water a day. The IE-900 doesn't have that kind of limitation, and our customers freely share their water with friends and family as well as use it for all their cooking needs. This is something you should consider when purchasing a water ionizer.

What Is The Optimum Amount of Plates?
The IE-900 comes with 5 large platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates. Enagic introduced Leveluk SD501, a machine sports 7 plates, but the makers of the IE-900 has refused to follow suit. Why? They are the experts right. Do you think that they cannot make a 7 plate machine? The IE-900 already comes with 8 slots, but only 5 slots are occupied with plates. Why? The spacing between is important to overall performance and durability. Just talk to anyone who owns a Leveluk SD501 and ask them if they don't have to use a special cleaning cartridge to clean the electrodes. If they don't it will be totally clogged up. Bummer! Remember the makers of the IE-900 are not the experts for nothing. In any case the IE-900 can use the same cleaning cartridge used by the Leveluk SD501 Kangen Water system. However because the IE-900 has an automatic cleaning cycle after every use unlike the SD501, you will not need to use the cleaning cartridge as much. The cleaning cartridge technology put both the IE-900 and the SD501 in a class by themselves.

Do You Really Need Seven Plates?
If the plates are small then the answer could be yes, but if the plates are already the optimum size like the plates in the IE-900 you don't. Well don't having more plates give you better ORP? Possibly. But lets put this ORP issue into context. For years Japanese hospitals have used water ionizers producing no more than -300 ORP to treat all kinds of degenerative diseases, so what has changed? People who are more interested in making money than simply providing a quality product. They know that people are motivated by numbers regardless of whether there is any proof that bigger ORP figures translate into better health. ORP as you may or may not know depends of the source water. We get a -360 ORP here in New York, and one customer in Tennessee told us she gets -400 ORP. One thing you can be assured of is that the IE-900 consistently produces the optimum ORP levels for human consumption, nothing more, nothing less. The IE-900 is a solid machine that will produce the healthiest water you probably ever drank in your entire life. Do not be blind sighted by a fast talking used car salesman. However, if you are motivated by numbers and you are the kind of person that think more is always better, then you can take a look at the Life Ionizer 7500 water ionizer or the KYK Genesis Water ionizers, both of which sport 7 electrolysis plates. Just remember that while all the machines we sell can produce water with 10pH and above the Japanese University has recommended that humans only need to drink water with a range of 8.5 to 9.2 pH for regular consumption. This alone should make it clear that more is not always better. Nevertheless, their are cases where sick or diseased patients may increase the pH as part of their treatment as supervised by a doctor to neutralize a pre-existing acidic condition.

Medical Device Approval Authorization.
The Excel IE-900 is recognized by the Japanese government as a medical device.  The Japanese Ministry of Health recognizes the IE-900 as a medical equipment and has assigned it the medical equipment No. 21500BZZ00213000. Please note that some of the companies that make water ionizers were first producers of other medical equipment. They were able to demonstrate the health benefits of drinking alkaline water and secure the appropriate government recognition.  

How About The Taste?
We have not met a customer that did not like the way the water from the IE-900 tastes. I think that this is one of the main reasons we have such low return rates on the IE-900. To date only two have ever been returned to us, and we are using one of those returned units. The other unit was never used by the customer. She simply changed her mind. If she had only drank the water she would not have returned it.

In A Class By Itself.
n addition to the quality and craftsmanship that is built into the IE-900 it is really its ability to produce super acid water which sets it apart from the others. As with all the other water ionizers that we sell the Excel IE-900 produces both alkaline and acidic water. The difference between the Excel IE-900 and the other water ionizers that we sell is that it is the only unit that produces super acid water below pH 3.0. This is accomplished by adding salt as explained in the manual. Hence we will focus most of the following discussion on informing you about the benefits of using acid water. You can click on this link to learn more about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Click the play button to "See how super acid water kills bacteria"

The Acidic Skin of Humans

The following excerpt was taken from Reverse Aging by Sang Whang

Acidic skin prevents bacteria invasion


Our body is designed to perspire through our skin so that the evaporation of the liquid can cool off our body on a worm day. However, perspiration is not just for the maintenance of body temperature. It protects our body against the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Perspiration is one of the means to dispose of acidic waste products. As such it keeps our skin constantly acid, killing viruses and bacteria.


When we have an operation and the skin is cut open, we are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. That's why we get infections after an operation or skin cut, not because the hospital is filthier than our home. Bacteria and viruses are continually all around us. It's our built-in immune system that's keeping us healthy and alive.  

                                                                Page 40


Human skin and acid water


As mentioned before, human skin is acidic, but alkaline soap takes away acid from the skin. To replenish lost acids, I rinse my whole body with half a gallon of acid water after my shower. If taking a bath leaves you with dry skin, add a couple of gallons of acid water to the tub. Rinsing your hair with acid water will give you the effect of a hair conditioner.


If you use acid water for washing your face, the water will keep your skin fresh and clean and will protect your face from acne and discoloration. So-called pH balanced cosmetics are made to be acidic to match with your skin pH. You hear those commercials that talk about "the more you do the dishes, the smoother your hands get". Well, they are not kidding. Those detergents are acidic.


Warm acid water applied for about 20 minutes is good for athletes foot and hemorrhoids. Acid water can decrease insect bite pains and neutralize the poison, and it can be soothing for burns. If you add mint flavor into the acid water, it becomes mouth-wash, and if you add a drop of perfume into the acid water, it becomes toilet cologne. Acid water stops bleeding, and that is the reason why mouth-wash is acidic and so is aftershave lotion.                                                

                     Page 78

Pimples & Super Acid Water
Please note that it is not necessary to use strong acid water on your skin to get the astringent results. Most people purchase a water ionizer for the purpose of drinking alkaline water. We simply want to bring to your attention some of the incredible benefits  of super acid water. Super acid water is great on cuts, bed sores, athletes foot, and sores that just won't heal. Super Acid water can even kill the infamous MRSA bacteria prevalent in many hospitals.


Superoxide water is uniquely safe for operators and all personnel. There are virtually no associated occupational hazards. It is safe for the environment. Hence, old standard protection measures are no longer necessary. These includes transport, containment, storage and hazardous run-off disposal problems plus associated record-keeping required with conventional chemical supplies. In Japan for example industrial grade water ionizers are used to produce super acid water to treat golf courses. In these cases the application of super-acid water destroy lawn eating bugs and enabling the gradual elimination of environmentally harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Super Acid Water Applications:
Veterinary, medical, janitorial, food. cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparation and processing, livestock, janitorial industries. Superoxide Water is suitable for institutional use including hospitals, clinics, farms, meat processing plants, retail establishments, restaurants, fast food outlets, hand sanitization, homeland security, field hospitals and literally thousands of other applications. The IE-900 is an invaluable appliance to have in the home.

Excel IE-900 Microwater

  • Model No.: IE-900

  • Medical Device #: 21500BZZ00213000.

  • Available Power Source: 100/120/220/240VAC:50-60Hz

  • Power Consumption: Approx. Max. 200W (Standby under 1W)

  • Dimensions in mm: Width 270mm; Height 300mm; Depth 140mm

  • Dimensions in inches: Width 10 1/2"; Height 11 1/2"; Depth 5 1/2"

  • Weight: Approx 3.2kgs.

  • Built in ORP Meter: Displays ORP on LCD screen

  • Built in pH Meter: Displays pH of water being made on LCD screen

  • Color LCD Display: Changes color depending on water being made

  • Faucet Diverter Features: 3-mode (tap water, shower, purified water) selectable branch tap

  • Electrolysis Plates: 5 Large Platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

  • Electrolysis System: Continuous with built in sensor

  • Normal Throughput: Alkaline, Acidic & Purified water: up to 5 L/min

  • Strong Acid Water Throughput: 1.0L/min (pressure 0.1Mpa)

  • Strong Alkaline Water Throughput: 2.0L/min (pressure 0.1Mpa)

  • Types of Water Produced: 11 = 4 Alkaline, 4 Acid, non-ionized purified water, Super Acid (below 3pH) , and Super Alkaline (above 11 pH).

  • Electrolysis Cleaning: 30 seconds after use ends

  • Filter Material: Granulated anti-septic activated charcoal +  calcium sulfate.

  • Filter Capacity: 3600 gallons or one year which ever comes first

  • Calcium addition: Forced dissolved adding type

  • Salt addition: Forced dissolved adding type (salt is used for making super alkaline water)

  • 30 Day money back return policy

  • Warranty: Five year warranty on Electrolysis Chamber (Plates)

  • Warranty: One year warranty on all other components.

  • USA Service Center


Excel IE-900 Water Ionizer

IE-900 Water Ionizer  120V


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Calcium Flakes 15g (comes with ionizer)


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