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Acid ion water possesses an astringent effect, a disinfecting and sterilizing action, and a bleaching action. Please note that Ionizers that produce super acid water (less than pH 3.0) provides better results in all acid water uses. Typically residential Microwater ionizers that produce this kind of strong acid water are more expensive;  We carry one such ionizer, of superior quality  called the IE-900.  The IE-900 can make acid water with pH as low as 2.5 pH, and is most definitely worth the investment. 

Since acidic ion water has an astringent effect and a constricting action, it will tighten and smooth the skin when it is used for face washing and bathing. Acidic ion water is also effective in the treatment and prevention of pimples and skin spots, etc.

Washing the face: acidic ion water makes the skin smooth, improves its health, and improves its compatibility with make-up.

Shampooing: When used to rinse the hair before and after shampooing, it protects the hair, prevents hair loss, dandruff, itching and leaves the hair soft and non-sticky.

Shaving: Protects the health and beauty of skin, gives a fresh, clean feeling after shaving, prevents shaving rash, and works as a styptic.

Water for wiping the body: Wiping the body with a towel that has been steamed in acidic ion water is effective for overall beauty and the health of your skin.

Due to its slight disinfecting and sterilizing action, acidic water has a disinfecting, sterilizing and analgesic effect on skin wounds. 

Burns: alleviates the pain of burns and hastens recovery.

Chapped hands: Prevents chapped hands and accelerates recovery from chapping.

Sunburn: Relieves inflammation and accelerates recovery.

Abrasions and cuts: Exhibits a disinfecting and styptic action and accelerates recovery.

Acidic water can be used in a wide range of cooking uses. Restaurants and banquet halls in Japan for cleaning and sanitizing counter tops, sinks etc to prevent food poisoning from e-coli, and other types of bacteria.  

Washing cutting boards, pots, pans, Quickly washes and disinfects them and keeps them clean. Washing dishcloths in acid water retards bacteria growth.

Acidic water is used by golf courses and farms in Japan as an alternative to insecticide. Plants respond well to acid water.

Roses: Try this experiment: get two sets of freshly cut roses and put one in acid water and place the other in regular tap water and see which bunch last longer.

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