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Water Ionizer Maintenance Tips

Caring for your new water ionizer is surprisingly easy. Most of our water ionizers are built to perform automatic self cleaning, but we must understand that this is not enough. It doesn't matter all the fancy new technology touted by various models. They can all clog up after time with calcium. Manual cleaning is critical. Some ionizers such as the IE-900, in addition to its automatic cleaning cycle after every use will still prompt you to perform a manual clean almost weekly. Manual cleaning simply means that you make the acid water instead of alkaline water. Allow acid water to run through your machine for 5 to 10 minutes every week at a slow flow rate. You can collect this acid water and use it later.

Cleaning Service:
If you own a Toyo type water ionizer for a long time you might want to avail yourself to our professional cleaning service. We have restored machines such as Pure Port II to "like new" condition saving the owner the need to purchase new water ionizer. To lean more about this click on Professional Cleaning 

Replacing Cartridge Filters:
You should also replace your cartridge filter at least once a year. This guideline will guard against bacteria growth. Again it doesn't matter how incredible and miraculous the different manufacturers say their filter cartridges are. The bacteria don't seem to care about their claims and will set up home in your filter after a while. If you are going to be away from home for more than two weeks, you can put your filter in the freezer until you get back. This will also retard any bacteria growth.

Keep your water ionizer dry. You should not keep your filter in the bath room or any where humid. It could cause you electronics to malfunction. In the kitchen is the best place.

If you follow these guidelines you should have your machine working flawlessly for many years.

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