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Kangen Water

We have a great deal of respect for the Kangen water ionizers. They are great water ionizers. The only concerns we have are the price and the unsavory propaganda that the Enagic representatives have to say about other water ionizers. Many customers call and tell us that it was stated in meetings that the Kangen water is the only water ionizer used in hospitals. If this were true then which ionizers were being used in hospitals before Enagic introduced the Leveluk brand? It is easy to sell a story like this to the American consumer, but the Japanese customers knows that water ionizers were being used in hospitals before the Leveluk brand was introduced. We do not doubt that the Leveluk brand is a quality water ionizer, but it is a shame when a company must fabricate stories to sell an expensive machine.

We think that you should also know that the IE-900 is also made by Japanese engineers that were part of the company now called Enagic and no one can question the quality build into this machine. It actually has some features that the Leveluk brand does not have. It is durable and also produces super acid water. The truth is that we have several advanced water ionizers that cost much less than the over priced Kangen Water machines. If you are being pressured by a family member or a friend to buy a $4,000.00 machine, please give us a call to see which one of our water ionizers will be best for you.

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