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Why You Need A Cleaning Cartridge?

An electrolysis plate cleaning cartridge is not a replacement cartridge filter, but it is a must have if you want your alkaline water ionizer to continue producing high quality alkaline (pH) and powerful anti-oxidant water (negative ORP). They don't clean the water like a regular cartridge filter. They are designed to clean the electrolysis plates in the machine and the internal hoses. We recommend using the cartridge at least once a year to keep your machine working like new or more times if you have hard water. Enagic, makers of the Kangen Water Leveluk machines recommend using the cleaning cartridge once every six months when the filter cartridge is changed. It is important to note that although every machine has an automatic cleaning cycle, they will all succumb to calcium build up over time. Click on each unit for more details or to place your order.

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Water FiltersAir FiltersSupplementsFar InfraredTest KitsBooksExerciseMagnetsBlock EMFBeauty

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