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Tyent Water Ionizer
Electrolysis Plate
Cleaning Cartridge
For use with all Tyent Models Except the Tyent UCE-9090

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IMPORTANT: This Tyent Citric Acid Cleaning cartridge will work on all Tyent Ionizer models except the Tyent UCE-9000T (Under Counter)  model.

The difference between the old style and the new style are mostly cosmetic. We suggest that you try them both and see whch one you like.

The Tyent Citric Acid Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge is a MUST HAVE in areas with hard water! In fact even if your water is not particularly hard it is recommended that you use the cleaning cartridge at least once every year. Why? Have you ever used a pot to boil water over and over without washing it? What occurs? A white film begins to build up. Well, this same water is running through your machine and the electrolysis plates your machine works by attracting the calcium and magnesium in your water to itself so it can be ionized. This process will inevitably lead to a build up of calcium on the electrolysis plates just like what you see in that pot. What does this do? This scale build up forms a barrier between the water and the electrolysis plate thereby reducing the effect of the ionization. As this scale accumulates on plates your machine will not be able to make the same quality alkaline water as when you just bought it. If this continues and your Tyent MMP Water ionizer is not cleaned it will have trouble making alkaline water and even worse the calcium build up could get hardened over time making it even harder for the cleaning cartridge to work.

Using the Tyent Cleaning Cartridge will work to prevent problems like this and help to keep your Tyent water ionizer running like new, producing high alkaline and potent anti-oxidant water (with high ORP values). 

The Citric Acid Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge expires after ONE use! Please make sure to follow the step-by-step directions below to ensure proper usage and prevent any damage to your ionizer:

Directions For Use:

1) Turn off your ionizer and shut off the water supply going to the unit

2) Locate the filter housing of your ionizer and remove the 2nd Filter by rotating it clockwise (the filter to the right when looking at the back of the unit)

3) Attach the Citric Acid Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge by rotating the cartridge counter-clockwise - do NOT over tighten

4) Turn both the power of the ionizer back on as well as the water supply

5) Run water through the ionizer using the H20 CLEAN mode. DO NOT use any other mode when going through this cleaning process!

6) Allow H20 Clean water to cycle for 15 minutes. In the case of automatic shut-off (which commonly occurs every 5 minutes on some models), simply restart the H20 Clean mode until a full 15 minutes of water flows through the unit.

7) When finished, follow steps 1-4, replacing the Citric Acid Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge with the original filter. 

Tyent Cleaning Cartridge

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Tyent Cleaning Cartridge Cartridge


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