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Super Chi Infra-Vibe Machine CY106S
Gives you Infrared & Vibrations While You Swing

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The Super Chi Infra Vibe Machine is like buying a car with all the options. The Super Chi Infra Vibe Machine is the ultimate Chi Vitalizer machine. It combines three of the top blood circulation improvement technologies into one incredibly designed chi exercise machine. The Super Infra Vibe comes with all the features of the Chi Flow Machine including a LCD control dial for variable speed control, and has 3 pre-programmed speed cycles, but the thing that makes the Super Chi Infra Vibe Machine stands out is a serving of deep penetrating infrared and massage vibrations options. Both far infrared and massage vibration therapy are beneficial on their own. Placing these options in the Super Chi synergistically maximizes their synergistic beneficial effects. The Super Chi Infra Vibe Machine is a powerful machine built to meet the highest quality standards, and engineered for the best performance and longest life; robust 45 / 80 Watt motor, available only in 110 volts with two year parts and labor warranty.

This gentle yet dynamic massage is a great adjunct to your program of moderate daily exercise. Soothes muscle and joint aches, relaxes. Swinging with the Chi Machine CY106S for 15 minutes moves muscles for health. The twisting distance is designed to be longer, allowing the user to achieve a whole body twisting effect, not just hips and legs. Notice the list of possible health benefits:

Possible Chi Exercise Health Benefits

  • Increase your oxygen levels

  • Stimulate increased blood circulation

  • Enhance lymphatic drainage

  • Relaxes muscles and relieves stress

  • Improves overall immune function

  • Stimulate "Chi" energy

THE IDEA BEHIND THE SUPER INFRA VIBE CHI MACHINE "Chi" (also called "Qi") is the Chinese term used to describe the basic component of energy and matter, often called "Life Force" or "Life Energy". Dr. Shizuo Inoue, of Japan, an expert in oxygenating exercise, designed the original Chi Machine. He wanted to give a simple side-to-side fishtail-like movement to the body. In this way, Dr. Inoue had come to conclude that cellular absorption of oxygen can be improved. With his vast experience in alternate health practices, he realized that yoga, Tai Chi, breathing methods, jogging, aerobic exercise, swimming, etc., were different approaches to alleviating oxygen deficiency. His Chi Machine was designed to achieve increased cellular oxygenation, but make it easy for even people who are not active such as the elderly.

The Super Chi Infra Vibe Machine Vs The Original Chi Machine Dr. Inouye's Chi Machine was originally marketed world-wide by Sun Ancon, and bought by many thousands. Since the Chi Machine was invented, other companies have decided to make similar devices, often at a much lower cost. The purpose has remained the same, but later Chi devices have many design advances, such as allowing control of the speed of the swinging, enhancements to the movement pattern, re-engineering, and electronic timing. An added benefit is that our Chi Energizer Machine is not marketed via a multilevel network marketing program which adds to the cost by as much as $188.00 for each Chi Machine. Please notice why we say our Chi Energizer Machine offers great quality and is affordable:


Test Result: The Super Chi Machine will take a 20 kg (44 lb) load and can swing continuously for 3,000 hours. Quieter!
The new ankle base has a movable design. It can move back and forth, yielding and adapting to the weight of the person using it.
The Comfort – Soft Pad with Synthetic Leather Cover- Difference in new Ankle Base Pad, The new ankle base has a movable design. By moving back and forth, it adapts to the weight of the person using it.
It can accommodate the user's ankle shape and angle, making it comfortable to use.
Infrared Lamps – The Chi Infra-VibeCY106S has two infrared lamps to emit infrared light, penetrating your ankles (or feet if placed on the ankle-rest) to promote increased blood circulation.
The Vibration Function – The Chi Infra-Vibe Chi Machine CY106S features an additional Vibration Massage Function. The vibrating wave motion and massage that goes straight to your body, and enhances the oxygenating exercise.
The Flow – Elliptical movement – The Chi Infra-Vibe Chi Machine CY106S provides a lateral oscillation, with a simultaneous up and down motion, or an "X" exercise (as opposed to simple left / right motion). This gives an extraordinary elliptical movement, ergonomically sound, like a fish moving in the flow of water. The design can naturally accommodate different body shapes and weights of users.
Chi Machine CY106S - The Control Dial-
The Chi infra-Vibe Chi Machine CY106S features an LCD control dial for variable speed control, 0-15 minutes time control, 3 pre-programmed cycles to vary the session according to your needs.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee less a small restocking fee to over shipping.

Ergonomically designed to allow for different angles and different shapes of users. The new ankle base consists of a pliable PU support that is easily removable for cleaning purposes and resists rupture. It is designed to yield to strong pressure, accommodating the weight of the user. The swinging / twisting pattern of the newly designed device can naturally accommodate different body shapes and weights of users. The effective twist is in accordance with high ergonomic standards. With the body facing upward, using the posterior as the center, both feet on the ankle base equally, the device produces an elliptical movement, or an "X" exercise. Both feet will follow a left up, right down, right up, left down pattern (as opposed to simple left / right motion). The twisting distance of the new device is longer, allowing the user to achieve a whole body twisting effect.

The newly designed device uses plastic with high temperature grinding resistance, pounding resistance, strong alkali / acid resistance, high adhesiveness and the highest engineering PS smoothness. The base incorporates a concave protruding surface strengthening the ribbed steel plate (will not warp or rupture).

Uses International Standard Specification spare parts. Constructed with precise flexible ball bearings. Oil seals have been integrated into this device, to protect against dust. Automatic overheating switch, high temperature liquid state resistance gear lubricant (gear lubricant does not break down), protective motor outer shell..., etc. Maintains 24 hour continuous motor operation with UL’s standard below 60° Celsius temperature for a longer life span.

How To Use Your Super Chi Exercise Machine

The Chi Health Device is best used on an empty stomach. Many people prefer to use it before breakfast and at night to assist deep sleep. Please use a room where you won't be disturbed—no phone or kids (soft music is OK). Hard floor with a carpet is best.

Place device on floor and plug in. Put a towel over the ankle rests to cushion your ankle bones (if you need to—or use the ankle covers offered on the order page). Feet should hang past the ankle rests just enough so they will flop gently back and forth once the machine is turned on. Arms loosely at your sides, palms down. Do not use a pillow under your head, as this hinders the machine's motion from reaching your head. People with severe knee problems may need to place a rolled towel under their knees—although it's best not to do so, if possible. The footrest will begin to move back and forth, carrying your feet briskly from side to side. This movement will carry up through your legs and torso, and throughout your entire body; causing you to wiggle back and forth—that's right, just like a goldfish swimming in water.

Once a timer is set (for devices with timers), the machine will begin to rock gently back and forth. As it does, your job will be to relax and "surrender" as much as possible and breathe deeply. This will allow the massage session to oxygenate your body.

IMPORTANT! WHEN THE MACHINE STOPS, LAY STILL for at least 30 seconds and breathe deeply. This is the time when the movement of healing Chi energy is felt circulating throughout the body.

Set timer (for devices with timers). Begin with 5 minutes, at least twice a day (or less if you have any major health problems. Some people can only start with 1 minute per day—that is OK—you can and WILL work up to more). Increase gradually to 10, 15 or even more minutes (normal graduation should be increases of 1 minute each week), twice a day (more if you wish).

It is recommended to drink some water before AND after using the machine to assist the lymphatic system to flush out.

For beginners, limit usage to 5 minutes. You can increase the time when you are more accustomed to it. (Normal graduation should be increases of 1 minute each week.)

Do not use the Chi Flow Machine:

Within 60 minutes after eating a meal (depending on health condition).

If you are not totally recovered from bone injury or after a surgery.

If you are not totally recovered from a bleeding wound or infected wound.

If you have heart problems.

If you are a pregnant woman.

If you feel abnormal pain or sense something wrong in your body after using the appliance.

Programmable, Variable Speed
(80-160 rpm), 3 Pre-programmed Auto Mode Selections
ANKLE REST Thick and soft padded ankle cradle and large stable base for better support, with infrared lamps
LCD Digital
15 Minutes in 3 stages
8.5 kg / 19 lb

Super Chi Infra Vibe Machine CY106S


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Super Chi Infra Vibe Machine


Free Shipping For USA Orders Over $100.00

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