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The World's First and Only Stem Cell Enhancer

Superfood Blends
"Saturate your cells with all natural super nutrition"

Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus pHion Green Superfood E3Live RenewMe! Total Body Blend

E3Live Frozen BrainOn E3Live BrainOn Capsules & Powder E3Live BrainOn Supreme

Free Shipping in USA for orders over $100.00

E3Live Camu Camu Vitamin C Superfood Tangy Tangerine Complete Vitamin Mineral & Phytonutrient Crystals


E3Live Frozen Blue Green Algae E3Live AFAMend

E3Live E3AFA Blue Green Algae Capsules & Powder

Free Shipping in USA for orders over $100.00

The key to great health and vitality is flooding your body with lots of readily digestible nutrients. Blue-Green Algae is one of the most basic foods on the food chain yet no food on earth that has a more complete and dense nutritional profile. We carry all kinds of blue green algae products from the only frozen blue green algae E3Live to products that include concentrations of active parts of the algae such as StemEnhance, a new formulation that has been proven to increase the number of circulating adult stem cells. E3Live BrainOn targets the brain and enhances mental clarify and helps keep feelings of depression at bay naturally. You will also find the Tangy Tangerine from Youngevity to be a true delight and a powerhouse of nutrients that you will have to hide this from your children. It is packed with nutrients that the body craves. Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus needs no introduction. It is our top selling nutritional supplement and it has a cult following. Sometimes customers want us to overnight it to them. We have a few customers who require us to carry the pHion Green Superfood. It is not a top seller, but when you look at the ingredients you will wonder why not.

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