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Water Jar Magnets
The inexpensive way to energize your water

Magnetize your drinking water and see how much more energized you will feel. It is amazing the difference this simple device can make to your life. It is simple to install. Simply place each magnet at opposite sides of your glass or metal drinking container and place the rubber band over them. Poor you water in the container let sit for a minute before drinking.

We recommend that if you don't have an alkaline water ionizer to make alkaline water that you use spring water or tap water that has been filtered to remove typical contaminants found in tap water. These water jar magnets will energize your water.

In Peter Kulish’s book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetisim, a chapter is devoted to explaining how Energized Mono-Molecular Structured Water benefits the body and cells with increased hydrogen and oxygen ions and how that helps to increase and maintain health and vitality.

Water Jar Magnets

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