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Conquering PAIN
The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism
by Peter Kulish

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CONQUERING PAIN - The Art of Healing with BioMagnetism is the first complete book of its kind, designed to help the reader as well as the practitioner follow step by step techniques on treating pain. Easy to understand and informative, this book will guide you through treatments for over 150 ailments.

People throughout the world are successfully using magnetic therapy to eliminate chronic back pain, headaches, toothaches, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other painful maladies.

With two decades of clinical research experience, Peter Kulish is literally leading the way in this therapeutic field. His scientific studies are recognized worldwide by hospitals and universities for the treatment of pain and serious medical conditions.

As with most health books, you can expect to find some amazing testimonials of how biomagnets helped resolve many different ailments in this book. These testimonials alone are worth the price of the book. Here are some of the titles to some of the testimonials found in this book>

My Ailing Heart 
Seizures Seized 
Diagnosis, Malignant Brain Tumor,
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relieved
Hip Replacement Surgery Cancelled 
No More Backache

One of these testimonials so from the author and mentioned in the beginning of the book. An 11 month baby girl in Peter Kulish's family was diagnosed as having hemihypertrophy by the doctors at Dupont Children's Hospital. This is a rare disease where one hemisphere (half) of the body outgrows the other (half). The doctor's solution was to cut out sections from her arm and leg to shorten them as well as sections of her flesh which they said would give her a "somewhat normal life". Obviously that was simply unacceptable, and this situation motivated Peter to apply the use of biomagnets to help resolve this disease.

We highly recommend this book. It will arm you with the knowledge of how to use biomagnets like a first aid kit to resolve almost any health issue. Notice what the following experts had to say>

"If you are one of the millions of people who experience chronic pain due to injury or poor health, this book will guide you to the pain relief you seek without the dangerous side effects of drugs." J.W. McGinnis, President, International Tesla Science Instittute

"Proper use of BioMagnets can often help when medicines are not very effective. This book offers a variety of the proper applications of biomagnets for many different medical conditions."
Dr. Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D. 

"I advise my patients to use BioMagnets liberally to fight disease. My fellow physicians find the BioMag Principal very effective." adding, "it is legitimate, safe and reliable, and should be the cure of the future."
Dr. Nestor M. Santiage, M.D.     

Conquering PAIN The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism

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