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Introducing...The New

Chanson Revolution
Water Ionizer

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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water
Limited Lifetime Warranty
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The new Chanson Revolution water ionizer is a 9-plate machine capable of light duty commercial use and higher flow rate. This water ionizer is so powerful, it can outperform even an 11-plate ionizer. Its superior functionality and sleek appearance makes it a great fit for restaurants, schools, gyms, businesses, and other settings. Like the 7-plate Miracle M.A.X., it has the Himalayan rock salt port and the largest plates on the current market. Get ready for the new Revolution!

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Back view

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Chanson Limited Lifetime Water Ionizer Warranty

Chanson Revolution Water Ionizers now have, a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty, which begins from the original date of purchase (ionizer purchased after November 9, 2009). Warranty is only valid if the ionizer was sold by Chanson Water USA or an authorized dealer of Chanson Water USA like

The warranty covers the original owner only. Repair work can only be done through the Chanson Water USA repair center in Laguna Hills, California or an authorized repair center. Please thoroughly read the owners manual and watch the installation video before attempting to use your ionizer.

Each Chanson Revolution includes the following 8 FREE bonus items:

  • FREE DVD - "7 Life Changing Health Secrets: Harnessing the Power of Nature" with Ronnie Ruiz.

  • FREE Quick Start Users Guide by Ronnie Ruiz (includes tips you won't find anywhere else!)

  • FREE Installation DVD with step-by-step demonstration for the Chanson Revolution by Ronnie Ruiz.

  • FREE Faucet Adapter, Tubing and Connectors to help make your install as easy as possible.

  • FREE pH Test Kit so that you can personally test your water levels and demonstrate the power of Chanson water to others!

  • FREE Himalayan Rock Salt Sample to make the STRONGEST acid water possible!

  • FREE Citric Acid Sample for cleaning your Revolution.

  • And of course a Chanson Owners Manual, your official welcome to the Chanson family!

Chanson Revolution Water Ionizer

International Shipping Information

The Chanson Revolution Water Ionizer  $2,849.00

Chanson PJ-600 Cartridge Filter - Details


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All New water ionizers are shipped with new cartridge filters

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