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Life Ionizer 5000
Dual Filter Water Ionizer

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Life Ionizer Financing

The Life Lionizer 5000 has a sleek look that will impress your neighbors. It comes with dual built in filters which pre-filters the water in what represents 12 stages of filtration. Depending on the flow rate and water quality Life 5000 can produce water with high pH and high ORP.  It is designed to make up to 3 gallons of quality alkaline water per day. The Life Ionizer 7500 is a more powerful machine that can produce far more than 3 gallons of alkaline water per day. The Life Ionizer 7000 is the under sink version of the Life 5000. If this is the system that you want give us a call and we will do what ever it takes to bring this system into your home. Here is what you get:

  • High pH (8.5 to 10)

  • High ORP (-100 to - 800)

  • Twin six stage Filters

  • Five (5) Year Warranty

  • $200 Bonus Package

  • Free Shipping

  • Free Water Report 

  • Free Carbon Pre-Filter

  • Free Pre-Filter Housing

  • Five Platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

  • Device has been designed and built with 12 steps of purification. (Patent obtained)

  • Functions are activated or utilized easily by one-touch controls.

Life Ionizer 5000 Product Specification

Product Name Life Ionizer LI 5000
Water supply method Countertop: Direct link to tap water
Dimensions in inches/mm 12.5 x 13.3 x 5.5 inches or 320x340x140(WxHxD)
Weight in (lbs/kg) 14.3 lbs / 6.5Kg
Water pressure available 0.7~6.0kgf/
Temperature available 5C~35C 41F to 95F Do not use hot water
Overheat-prevention device Two built-in temp. sensor (auto reset)
Electrodes Information
Electrolysis method Continuous
Water Creation capacity 2.5 l/min. or .66gal/min (at water pressure of 2kgf/) included alkaline water and acidic water
Electrolysis Stage 4 steps for alkaline water with 4 corresponding acidic levels
Electrolytic cleaning Auto washing (time: about 30 sec., amount of supplied water: about 0.8liter or .21 gallons)
Electrode Type Platinized titanium
Purification Method
Water Filtration Dual Cartridge filters
Replacement Filter life The first will last about 8 months (620 gallons) and the second 12 months (920 gallons) at 2.5 gallons of use a day.
Filter Life Indicator Displayed on LCD screen - counts to 999 before filter needs changing
Replacement Filter Material Nonwoven, pp filter, GAC, silver-added active carbon, calcium sulfite, block carbon, U/F membrane filter (Optional)
Operation indication Sound and text display
Water inflow control Installed as a supplementary
KFDA: Korea Food & Drug Administration Medical Device Item Approval KFDA No. 889
Item Approval No. 04-1039
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturers warranty


Minimizing cluster size of water molecules:: Water molecules are unique due to the fact that one side of the molecule is positive charged and the opposite side is negative charged, therefore water molecules have a tendency to cluster like grapes on a vine. If the size of cluster is smaller, it means better performance on infiltrating into and detoxifying out of cells. Life Ionizers reduce the cluster size using the most advanced technology.

Anti-oxidant levels up to -851mV: The core part of the Life Ionizer is its patented electrolysis chamber. Life Ionizers succeeded in not only minimizing the cluster size of water to 50Hz but also in achieving high anti-oxidant power of -200 and up to -851mV depending on water quality. Reaching this level of ionization is accomplished by using our latest technological advancements and is dependent on your source water - if you have an acidic water to begin with and a high positive ORP, this will change your results.

Artificial intelligence sensor system: When the Life Ionizer is in washing or draining modes both voice-recorded and text-based messages are brought up on LCD screen. It also defends itself in case of electrical power surge or other situations involved with operation failure in electronic circuits. (patent obtained)

Specially devised, high quality 6 Stage filter: Life Ionizers have the most comprehensive pre-filters available on the market today. Each unit has two built in filters totaling 12 stages of filtration/treatment.



Life Ionizer 5000 Filter Analysis




1 Pre-Filter Relatively large contaminants such as sand, dirt, residue are removed prevents Special Block Carbon Filter from being contaminated
2 Special block carbon filter Removes unpleasant taste and odors, residual chlorine, environmental hormones which easily dissolves into water and trihalomethanes
3 Poly-Ethylene Filter Removes microscopic and contaminated substances that could not be removed from the previous filtering process
4 Active Carbon Filter 14.3 lbs / 6.5Kg
5 CaS03 H20 Adds alkaline minerals
6 Silver-Added Active Carbon


Preserves the beneficial alkaline minerals and removes unpleasant taste and odor from water.

On-off ceramic valve integrated into the LI5000 body: A ceramic valve has been integrated into the body of the LI 5000 that allows users to turn the flow of water on and off easily. The valve is made from the most advanced ceramic materials. (patent obtained)

pH levels subdivided into 8 different levels:
Life Ionizer 5000 has 8 different pH levels; five levels of alkaline ion-water (pH 7.5, pH 8.5, pH 9.0, pH 9.5 and pH 10.0), two levels of acidic ion-water (pH 3.5, pH 5.5), and clean water. People using ionizers for the first time may experience varying degrees of detoxification and a decrease in alkalinity is recommended to allow the body to get used to consuming alkaline water. With 8 different pH settings, Life Ionizer 5000 has the perfect setting for you. (patent obtained)

High Quality Construction:
The highest quality component parts available are used on the LI 5000 from the sturdy alkaline-water connector on the top of the ionizer down to the custom stainless steel fittings on the bottom.

Life Ionizer 5000 Alkaline Water Ionizer


Life Ionizer 5000 Replacement Filter
Life Ionizer 5000 Cartridge Filter #1


Life Ionizer 5000 Cartridge Filter #2


Life Ionizer 5000 Cleaning Cartridge


Carbon Pre-Filter


Free Shipping on ALL Water Ionizers In All States & Canada

Free Shipping on ALL Water Ionizers In All States & Canada

All New water ionizers are shipped with new cartridge filters

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