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The new Rich's Enzymes now has more complete list enzymes than before. In fact more complete than most enzymes on the market today. Rich Distributing has become a respected name in the world of health and nutrition. Bill Rich is responsible for making the health benefits of MSM known. In the process he discovered the importance of digestive enzymes and their blood cleansing functions. He recognized how important enzymes are to overall health and they have become a centerpiece of his nutritional offerings.

Rich "Digest All" Enzymes contains plant derived food enzymes to assist in the break down and digestion of consumed food. The enzymes break down the Carbohydrates, Fats, Fibers, and Proteins into the essential building blocks of life. The enzymes in combination with the intestinal bacteria found in your gut provides increased resistance to infectious diseases, reduces the duration of diarrhea, can reduce blood pressure & serum cholesterol concentrations, provides a reduction in allergies, modulation of cytokine gene expression, regression of tumors, and reductions in carcinogen or co-carcinogen production.

This is not your typical Mickey Mouse digestive enzyme. It is jam packed with all the enzymes required to digest food. Health professionals everywhere are recognizing how important enzymes are to overall health. Make no mistake, enzymes are essential to our health that cannot be overlooked. Rich Distributing's Enzyme no longer includes the intestinal flora which has made room for more enzymes to be packed into each capsule. This is has to be the strongest, most potent, digestive aid on the market today.

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Enzymes are in a class by themselves
They are the only biologically active - living component of the food complex. The proteins, carbohydrates, fate, fiber, minerals and vitamins are inanimate "building materials" - animated by the enzymes. The enzymes digest, metabolize, and use the "building materials" to build and rebuild our bodies.

Enzymes are necessary to make ATP
By digesting our food, transporting it to the cells, assimilating it into our cells, and utilizing it, (all work done by enzymes), to make ATP - adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the energy molecule that powers all of the "mechanical" work in the body: every beat of your heart, every movement of every muscle, active transport of food molecules across the intestinal membrane, production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, and synthesis of all proteins which includes the production of all enzymes, just to name a few. By the way, even the activation of the ATP molecule to release its energy is done by enzymes. So, the body can't do anything without enzymes, especially all of the steps that are involved in making ATP.

ATP is necessary to make our own enzymes
Anything that impairs our ability to make ATP, impairs our ability to make our own enzymes. Therefore, if our diet is enzyme deficient, (like when there is any odor in your bowel), then we've begun a vicious cycle that reduces our metabolic efficiency and results in aging, degeneration, disease, and premature death. That is why Dr. Mumbart Santillo has said, "Enzyme deficiencies are America's number one nutritional problem, and are responsible for more dis-ease than all other nutritional shortages combined."

Dr. Edward Howell, the father of enzyme nutrition said "there is no other mechanism in the body except enzyme action to protect the body from any hazard. It is ambiguous to say that nature cures, when we must know the only machinery in the body to do anything is enzyme action. Hormones do not work. Vitamins cannot do any work. Minerals were not made to do work. Proteins cannot work. Nature does not work. Only enzymes are made for work. So it is enzymes that cure. Therefore the ability of the body to make any of the numerous enzymes needed for good health and long life must be kept at a high level by the methods incorporated in the Food Enzyme Concept." Darrell Stoffels, certified nutritional consultant, agrees that enzymes are the workers of the body. He states that "In essence, they are the "workers" in all physiological processes. In fact, they are the essence of physiolgical life itself. As stated by doctors Lopez, Williams, and Miehlke in the 1994 book, ENZYMES: THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, "Enzymes serve as the body's labor force to perform every single functions of every organ system in our bodies."

Rich Distributing's Enzymes is one of the most versatile enzyme formulas in the world today. They are designed and formulated to digest all of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and sugars consumed in your diet. It is the only digestive enzyme you will need. It's safe, simple, effective, and economical.

Each Rich's Enzymes Capsule Contains:
Protease Enzymes 25,000 HUT - digests proteins.
Amylase Enzymes 6,600 SKB - digests carbohydrates.
Cellulase Enzymes 2,600 CU - digests cellulose fibers.
Lactase Enzymes 400 ALU - digests lactose (milk sugar).
Maltase Enzymes 250 DP - digests maltose a starch.
Bromelain Enzyme 20 GDU
Alpha Galactosidase 100 GAL
Phytase 5 U
Beta Glucanase 10 BGU
Invertase 600 Sumner
Pectinase 10 Endo TU
Papain 2,000 TU
Lipase 300 FIR
Acid Protease 150 HUT
Peptidase 400 HUT


Rich's Enzymes

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