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Consumers are increasingly concerned about removing or reducing hardness, arsenic, fluoride, lead, iron and other contaminants in their water.  We have the industries best most effective specialty heavy metal prefilters that are NSF/ANSI-61 Certified and are in compliance with the EPA.

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Fluoride, Arsenic and Lead Removal filter

This cartridge filter is primarily designed to first remove fluoride then arsenic, and lead to a lesser extent. Most water ionizer websites do not make this distinction and consumers get the impression that it can effectively remove arsenic and lead as effectively as it does fluoride. Size : 2.5" x 10". For more information click on Fluoride/Arsenic Removal filter

$56.95 $39.95

Lead and Iron Removal filter

This filter is designed to remove iron and lead. Iron can ruin the electrodes in a water ionizer and must be removed from source water. Size : 2.5" x 10".

$59.95  $49.95

Arsenic Removal filter

Our Aries Series Arsenic removal filter is specifically designed to effectively remove Arsenic. If you have a serious arsenic contamination then you should get this filter. Size : 2.5" x 10". For more details click Arsenic Removal Filter.


Nitrate Removal Filter

Our Nitrate Removal Filter is a brine regenerable drinking water cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials. It is selective for nitrates and can be used on raw well water. Size : 2.5" x 10". For more details click Nitrate Removal Filter.

$59.95 $49.95

Softening (Hardness/Lead Removal) Filter

Our softening cartridge filter employees  fine mesh resins widely used to remove hardness ions from water. It is ANSI/NSF certified. For more details click Softening Filter. You should also consider the Magnetizer Hard Water conditioner.

$49.95 $39.95


Fluoride has been getting a lot of attention lately as a toxin and several of our customers want some assurance that it is not in their drinking water. Water ionizers can reduce fluoride but not entirely. Iron should not be allowed to pass through a water ionizer so if your water is known to have iron, prefiltering is required. Environmental toxins have taken a toll on our health in ways that are not completely understood.

We recommend that you use our WaterSafe All-In-One Test kit to check your water.  

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