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Bacteria Pre-filter
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If your source water has has been tested positive for bacteria contamination it may be best to act on the side of caution and install a bacteria prefilter as a second line of defense to the filter in your water ionizer. You should also consider this filter if you get your water from a well. If you suspect that your water may have bacteria you can use one of our test kits to satisfy your curiosity.

City Water Test Kit Well Water Test Kit

 You can tesFurthermore, if you have a weakened immune system or you are elderly employing a bacteria prefilter may be wise decision in any situation. The illness resulting from water bourn pathogens should not be under estimated or overlooked. We have the best prices on filters in the water ionizer business.

The Ceramikx bacteria filter combines the performance of a ceramic filter and an activated carbon filter into one. Ceramikx filter offers exceptional cost-to-performance value.


  • 0.2 Nominal Micron Filtration

  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 9.8"

  • Flow Rate: .75 GPM

  • Max Temp: 125 Farenheit

  • Max Pressure: 250 psi

  • Max Differential Pressure: 100 psi

  • Media: Extruded Carbon

  • Cleanable with Sponge

  • Fits the standard 10" filter housing units.

  • Filter dimensions: Height 9.78" Diameter 2.75".

The Ceramikx Filter is NSF/ANSI Standard 53 and 42 Tested & Certified to Reduce or Remove:

  • 99.95% Cryptosporidium

  • 99.95% Giardia

  • 99.95% Entamoeba

  • 99.95% Toxoplasma

  • Particulates Class I

  • Turbidity

  • 95% Chlorine Taste & Odor

This is an all carbon, sub-micron performance filter and is perfect for many point-of-use applications.

 Bacteria (E. Coli & Cyst) Cartridge Filter

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Bacteria Cartridge Filter


Super Fast & FREE Shipping for orders over $100.00

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