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The pH Miracle For Diabetes
The Revolutionary Diet Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics
by Robert O. Young

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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

The pH Miracle For Diabetes is a excellent book for anyone suffering from Diabetes. Listen to what these people who read and applied the information found in this book.

On "The Ph Miracle For Diabetes"
After reading "The Ph Miracle For Diabetes" I call that author a genius. I have been doing what he says to do, and my blood sugar ranges in the normal range, now. I had been diagnosed with diabetes in February 2003. I had been following Dr. Young's plan for health since the diagnosis, however, I really didn't know why it works. Now, I do. I do not take any prescription.

EXCELLENT PLAN, June 8, 2005
I LOVE this plan. Its an excellent idea and I felt 1000% better after the first three days and then tried to eat something that was not on the plan and was flooded with a headache, and body pains like crazy.
I gave the book 4 stars because I would like a "Menu" plan . . . suggestions to eat this for breakfast, this for a snack and this for lunch etc. He gives really great information, just not how to combine foods so you don't feel hungry. The recipes in the back are excellent, but I wish they were better "catagorized", such as this is what you eat for balancing PH, this is what you eat when you are done balancing your PH etc. I would see a recipe that I would like to try and only read from their "reward" that it was a transitional recipe.
I have recommended this book to several of my diabetic friends. I have had EXCELLENT sugar levels using the diet and my asthma has improved dramatically!

The Revolutionart Diet Plan For type 1 and 2 Diabetics, January 28, 2006 Southern Lights Electric "Justina Perez"

The book, greatest purchase that you can have. It has helped out in the balance of food that can be eaten, it's simple to follow and it even stastes good. I have always had a problem with what to cook for myself, that is the toughest part about a diabetic. With this book you are watching the sugar intake, the acid intake and more. I do wish there were more recipes to choose from that are just as good as these. I want to thank Dr. Young and his wife for doing all the research and providing everyone with facts. I have been a diabetic for 22 years and the change in my food without the acid is unreal to believe. This was a blessing for me. Thank you so much.

The pH Miralce For Diabetes, March 15, 2005

Joseph Aentara "Dr. Ariel Joseph Aentara O.D."

Dr. Young 's research provides a clear path out of the challenges of blood sugar. One of my colleagues used this approach with a man who had lost most of his eyesight from diabetic retinopathy 1 year previously after having gone through laser surgery. After 2 weeks 85% of his vision came back in one eye and he was able to regain his drivers license. Another friends father is now off of all of his medications and his blood sugar is fine. For those who choose to take the responsibility of their health in their own hands, this book is a beacon of hope.

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