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The World's First and Only Stem Cell Enhancer

The pH Miracle
For Weight Loss

Balance Your Body Chemistry,
Achieve Your Ideal Weight
by Robert O. Young

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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

The pH Miracle For Weight Loss (back cover)

Let's start with simple math. How many excess pounds do you need to spend to achieve your ideal, health weight-10, 30, 100? Whatever your answer, multiply it by two. You now have the MAXIMUM number of days it will take you to reach your goal! Despite what you may believe, weight loss is not about fat grams, carbs, or calories. It's all about acid. Reaching your ideal weight is simply a matter of maintaining the delicate pH balance of the blood.

In this groundbreaking book, renowned microbiologist and nutritionist Dr. Robert Young and his wife, chef Shelley Redford Young, offer a simple 7-step lifestyle program to balance your body chemistry and help you slim down to your ideal weight. Discover:

  • How drinking water can help you lose weight

  • How exercise can actually make you fat-unless you do it the right way

  • Which foods make your body more alkaline-and which ones make it acidic

  • The benefits of having your blood analyzed at the microscopic level....and more!

About the Authors

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., is a nationally renowned microbiologist and nutritionist who speaks to audiences around the world on health and wellness. He holds a degree in microbiology and nutrition and has devoted his life to researching the cause of disease and helping people reclaim their health and well-being. Dr. Young is head of the pH Miracle Living Foundation and has gained national recognition for his research into diabetes, cancer, leukemia, and AIDS. He is a member of the American Society of Microbiologists and the American Naturopathic Association and conducts classes in live blood analysis and the "New Biology."

Shelley Redford Young, L.M.T., is a licensed massage thera-pist with a passionate interest in optimum nutrition. With Dr. Young she speaks to audiences around the world on the basic requirements of a healthful diet, sharing her delicious, alkalizing, vegetarian recipes (many examples given in this book).

Together, Robert and Shelley Young provide a dynamic dose of health and nutrition expertise, guaranteed to inform and enlighten. The are authors of The pH Miracle and pH Miracle for Diabetes.

What people had to say

Frederick A. Loar "Healthy again" (Amarillo, TX. USA)
I had cancer, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. I was 285 lbs. I was taking all kinds of medications and getting worse all the time. After reading the book and following it's instructions for 6 months I'm off all my meds and I now weigh 200 lbs. The reason I ordered so many copies of this book is I'm sending the book to family members and close friends.

Greg Link (Alpine, Rocky Mountains of Utah
May 13th 2005. THis is the only diet book I have read that promotes true health and a sustainable life-long diet. I lost my entire goal of 30 pounds in 6 weeks!! I feel great. I did not increase my exercise beyond my usual 30 minute daily walk.

Update: It has now been 16 weeks and I have effortlessly lost an additional 10 lbs. for a total of 40 (227 to 187) . Most significant learning is the paradigm shift I have had from weight loss to a sustainable healthy diet (finally at age 55). This diet seems daunting at first but you will find it easy to follow once you retrain your eating tastes. I say retrain because I had a life-long aversion to vegetables and the more I have eaten the more I like them. The way you feel after "pigging out" on vegetables is a far cry from the sugar hanovers and bloated feeling I have experienced in the past with other foods. I have found my pallate has made a permanent change and I have aquired a taste for alkaline foods. (You can still eat bread and pasta with spelt flour). It is now effortless and sustainable. What a permanent gift. Do yourself a favor and test it yourself for 90 days. Loose your goal and enjoy a lifelong new weight and size. Dr. Young's science is easily tested. Judge from your own direct experience not from others or your own skepticism.

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