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Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate
Personal Air Purifier
Protects You Against Pollen & Allergens

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The Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate personal air is our top selling air purification device. For many who suffer from allergies, the Air Supply Mini Mate is a must  device. As our air gets more and more polluted and dangerous air borne diseases increase, we predict that smart people will wear the Air Supply. You can probably avoid your seasonal allergy shots simply by keeping the Air Supply Mini-Mate around your neck whenever you venture outside. Just think about it: this little device was able to keep Carol who is seriously allergic to cats in the DateLine, video.  

Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate - The Best Personal Air Purification System..

  • Validation tested at leading Universities and research institutes.

  • Lightest, smallest, highest ion wind output.

  • Silent, fan less, filter less maintenance free technology.

  • Thousands of commendations and testimonials worldwide.

  • Four US patents granted.

  • Propels cleaner fresher air into your breathing zone.

  • Presented at the Leipzig European Aerosol Conference.

  • This ultra light miniature wearable air purifier is a "must have" for air travel, metropolitan commuter subway travel, movie theatres, waiting rooms, hospitals, or any confined areas where people congregate.

  • Outperforms other bulky inefficient competitive units.

  • Solid platinum permanent emitter and gold plated stainless steel collectors


Scientifically Proven To Help Protect Against:

The Common Cold
Influenza A+B
Avian Flu
Pet Dander
Mould Spores
Dust Mites

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Keep your Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate running continuously with
Tenergy Battery Charger


How are different airborne contaminants handled by the Mini-Mate?

  • Viruses & Bacterial Germs: Incinerated by the corona discharge.

  • Odors: Oxidized into deodorized compounds.

  • Chemical Contaminants: Oxidized into benign chemicals.

  • Dust and Dust Mites: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration.

  • Mold: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration.

Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate AS150MM is THE top of the line in personal air purification system. The Air Supply Mini-Mate is the Weins' new "Millennium Model" Air Supply model that has become the most popular model. It weighs only 1.5 ounces, so you will not even notice that its there. The AirSupply Mini-Mate will quietly purify your breathing space with the most powerful output that we have available. This unit also comes with a breakaway strap for user safety. The AirSupply Mini-Mate comes with Solid Platinum Emitter Electroplated Gold Grid. This is the ultimate in advanced plasma discharge design. Size 2.5" X 1.5" X .85" Weight 1.5 ounces. No adapters needed. This model is available for export..


The Air Supply Mini-Mate  

Leading Air Travel Expert Wears AirSupply
Robert Haru Fisher former editor of Fodors and assistant editor to Frommers is a world class expert on travel and has written many books and lectured worldwide, has this to say about our AirSupply AS150MM Personal Air Purifier:

"I believe my purifier, Air Supply works" "I wear mine on every flight now.";

Excerpted Quotations from

DateLine NBC Transcript
Below is the written transcript of the above video clip from Dateline NBC. This news show documented Good House Keeping analysis of the effectiveness of several products and The Wein Air Supply Personal Air Purifier was one of those products. Read the following transcript and see a woman who normally displays allergy symptoms like itching eyes and sneezing in the presence of only one cat, was placed in the presence of several cats while wearing a Wein Air Supply personal air purifier and had no allergic symptoms.   


DateLine Video


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And finally, the personal air purifier, and it promises to “eliminate airborne pollutants, allergens and viruses from your breathing space.””
“My eyes would be itching,” says Carol. “My nose would be this extreme tickle, I could be sneezing.”

“I feel fine,” says Carol. “I do smell the cat litter I must say.””

Still skeptical, Good Housekeeping turned to its engineers for help. They devised a “smoke test” to see if the air purifier could clear out a tank of smoke. First, they lit a cigarette and allowed it to burn inside the tank, building up a lot of smoke.. Then they put the air purifier in the tank:

“If you look in here you will see that there is no more streams of smoke,” says Jamey.
The downside? The price for one — nearly $100. Plus, testers complained it is heavy and unattractive. So, the purifier gets a reality check of three stars. But it gets a gold star from Carol Wapner who never thought she could spend this much time up close and personal with one cat, much less 18!

“No reaction,” says Wapner. “It’s amazing. Thirty minutes, half an hour.” The manufacturer of the air purifier says it now sells a smaller, lighter model that is 20 dollars cheaper (unit is actually more actually, error by dateline).


In addition to Dateline NBC, Wein products have also been featured on other major US media such as Oprah, CBS evening News, KTLA, CNN and Today Show, major US Newspapers and Magazines such Good HouseKeeping, Wall Street Journal, Allure, Self Magazine, USA Today and Good Morning America.

Air Supply Mini-Mate AS150MM Technical Specificationn

  • Durable black case made of aviation type polycarbonate plastic.

  • Solid platinum emitter electroplated gold grid.

  • Attachments: Magneto clip that won't damage clothing and breakaway neck cord.

  • Air flow: 120 Ft./Min.

  • Ozone output: less than .047 ppm.

  • Weight operational: 42.6 grams (1.5 oz)..

  • Power: CR123A lithium battery (one included), additional CR123A batteries available.

  • Dimensions: 63.5 mm (2.5") x 38.01 mm (1.5") x 21.6 mm (0.85").

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Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate AS150MM

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Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate AS150MM - Black


Wein Air Supply Mini-Mate AS150MM - Clear



Tenergy LiFePO4 RCR123A Smart Battery Charger

Tenergy RCR123A Lithium Battery Charger Set - with two batteries


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Extra Rechargeable Tenergy RCR123A Lithium Battery


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