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UltraPure's Advanced
9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier
With Air Pollution Sensor Technology
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In light of the much hyped flu season and other air borne pollutants , it makes sense to keep the air in your home and office clean of microbes. A week off work due to illness might cost you more than the Powerful, Smart, and Advanced - 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier.

Impressive Product Features & Specifications

Ultra Quiet 5-Speed Fan
Nine Separate State-Of-The-Art Technologies
  1 Air Pollution Sensors
2 Diagnostic Sensors
3 Washable Foam Pre-Filters
4 Washable Electrostatic Dust Collector Plates
5 Activated Carbon Filter
6 High-Performance HEPA Filter
7 Ultraviolet (UV) Light
8 Dual Photo Catalyst Nano-TiO2 Germicidal Sanitizers
9 Anion Continuous Negative Ion Generation
Multiple Air Inlets Design - Maximizes air flow through the unit
4-Mode Automatic On/Off Settings
Intuitive Control Panel - Easy to read and understand
Technical Specifications & Dimensions
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Air Shield Owners Manual

About 12 years ago we bought what we thought to be a cutting edge air filtration system that could single handedly purify all the indoor air in a 3000 sq ft house. We paid $549.00 for that unit. It produced so much ozone you could literally smell it especially when you went outside for a few minutes and returned in the house. We were warned about this smell so we accepted it. It was supposed to ionize dust floating in the air and bring them to the floor, but you could still see  some dust floating all over our home. Believe it or not the filter didn't even have a basic HEPA filter, originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission to remove radioactive dust from their manufacturing plants and are currently recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier not only incorporates the most advanced HEPA technology and comes complete with more the air borne, germ fighting technology found in the $549.00 air filter we bought. The Advanced 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier as its name suggest has a total of 9 technologies working in synergy in one awesome unit. Folks it just doesn't get better than this. Compare the Air Shield with other leading brands for yourself. Now all this is not to say that we don't like our $549.00 air filter. We do and it still works even after 12 years. It served us well. When our 16 year old was 4 he sometimes had asthma and we believe that it helped him with that, but the Advanced 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier is so much more for less. If you take the time to learn of the details below, you will understand what we are saying.

9 Separate State-Of-The-Art Technologies ....Plus

At we work hard to bring you the very best products, and this is what led us to the Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier.  It utilizes combinations of 9 separate state-of-the-art technologies to assure that our customers have cleanest air available. With the use of all of these technologies we feel confident that you will have the healthiest, cleanest, most odor free home, office and automobile environments available.

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Technology #1: Automatic Air Quality Sensors   Automatic Air Pollution Sensors:


The Advanced 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier features an optional (on/off) Automatic Air Quality Sensor that continuously monitors the air in your home or office. When the air quality falls below a pre-determined level, Air Shield will automatically turn on and bring the air back to maximum quality.face="Verdana" color="#0000FF" style="font-size: 10pt" :


How does the Automatic Air Quality Sensor work? The “Function” setting on the Air Shield allows the user to turn on the Automatic Air Quality Sensor. When turned on, the unit continuously samples the surrounding air through a small opening on the front of the unit. When the quality of the air falls to a pre-determined minimum level the air purifier will automatically turn on. If the unit senses a small rise in the surrounding pollutants, such as an increase in pollen from an open door, it will turn the fan on low. If the senor detects a large rise in pollutants, such as someone smoking a cigar, it will turn the fan on high.


The Automatic Air Quality Sensor makes it easy to assure that you always have maximum air quality with a minimum level of attention, courtesy of this powerful and smart Ultra-Pure™ 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier. There is simply nothing like it!


Technology #2: Negative Ion Generators   Diagnostic Sensors:

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The Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier has a common sense feature that alert you when it's time to replace filters, the UV light or clean the collector grid all designed to guaranty your system is working at peak performance.

Technology #3: Washable Foam Pre-Filters   Washable Foam Pre-Filters:

The Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier is equipped with washable ultra-fine open cell pre-filters to remove larger particles of dust, soot, pollen and pet hair and dander from the air coming into the unit. The foam pre-filters remove most of the larger pollutants and allergens you can see on a nice sunny day, before they even have a chance to reach the HEPA or other filters. These washable pre-filters also help extend the life and maximize the efficiency of the HEPA filters and the unit as a whole. Yes, some technologies are simple but loaded with common sense like the foam pre-filters which can be washed and reused. What a smart idea.

Technology #4: Electrostatic Precipitators   Washable Electrostatic Dust Collector Plates:

The Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier is equipped with an Electrostatic Dust Collector that functions as an electric dust collector trapping dust, soot, pollen, molds, pet dander, and most other airborne pollutants that pass through the Foam Pre-Filters. Like the Foam Pre-Filters, the Electro-Static Precipitator is washable and never needs replacing. The Electrostatic Dust Collector can be easily removed from the unit for cleaning.


Technology #5: HEPA Filters   Activated Carbon Filtration:

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It is sometimes difficult to improve on some technologies and Activated Carbon is one of those technologies. Needless to say the Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier is equipped with a high grade Activated Filter.  How does an Activated Carbon Filter work? Used in both air and water filters, activated carbon is simply charcoal that has been treated with oxygen in order to open up millions of tiny microscopic pores between the carbon atoms. As a result, the oxygenated carbon becomes extremely absorbent and is capable of filtering out even the tiniest odorous, gaseous and liquid contaminates. For example, activated charcoal is by far the most effective filter against cigarette smoke and is effective against everything from paint fumes and toilet odors to poison gases and pet smells.

For a more information on the versatility of Activated Carbon filters study this LIST OF CONTAMINANTS THAT CAN BE EFFECTIVELY FILTERED BY ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS. Putting these technologies together as you find in the Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier provides unsurpassed peace of mind, and the unintended consequence of hurrying to get home.

Technology #6: Activated Carbon Filtration:   High-Performance HEPA Filter:

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The Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier is fully equipped with high-efficiency HEPA filters. 100% of the air purified by all the Ultra-Pure™ home and room units passes through a HEPA filter during the second or third stage of our purification system. This is the best particle filtration available today for suppressing solid and liquid airborne particles including household dust, soot, pollen and even some biological agents like bacteria and germs.

How do HEPA Filters work? HEPA filters, short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, were originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission to remove radioactive dust from their manufacturing plants and are currently recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They are made from very tiny glass fibers that are tightly woven into a very absorbent air filter. Studies indicate that HEPA filters are 99.97% effective in capturing harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, i.e., 300 times smaller than the width of a single human hair.

While HEPA filters are very effective against most solids and many biological agents as stated above, they are not particularly effective against odors, gases and gaseous particles. This is were the Activated Carbon Filters come in.

Technology #7: Ultraviolet Light Air Purification   Ultraviolet Light Air Purification:

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The Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier is also equipped with Ultraviolet Light Air Purification to kill airborne microbes. UV light is highly effective in helping fight biological based diseases caused by viruses, bacteria’s, and molds. This micro-organism fighting technology is recommended by numerous government and private agencies including the Centers of Disease Control, the Air Institute of Respiratory Education and the Air & Waste Management Association. It is also commonly used in many health care facilities to sterilize both the air and medical equipment.

How does UV Light Air Purification work? It is important to note that the Ultra-Pure™ Air Purifiers, shield direct ultraviolet light from escaping from the inside of the unit, exposing direct UV light only to the air that passes through the air purifier making them safe to use anywhere in your home or office.

Technology #8: Photo-Catalysis TiO2 Air Purification   Dual Photo Catalyst Nano-TiO2 Germicidal Sanitizers:

The Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier comes equipped with a technology called Photo-Catalysis TiO2 air purification grids. When coupled with a 254 nm (nanometer) UV light, the Ultra-Pure™ 9-Stage Air Shield air purification system is significantly more effective at killing airborne biological agents than HEPA only or HEPA and UV only systems. Nothing was spared to bring you the very best in air filter technology. Titanium Dioxide also referred to by its chemical formula TiO˛, is harmless, opaque and approved for use in many products by the FDA. This is another example of the synergistic design of the Air Shield.

How does TiO2 work? Photo catalysis uses ultra violet light striking a Titanium Dioxide (TIO2) target to create oxidation which when coupled with naturally occurring indoor humidity is extremely effective in combating mold, mildew, other household fungi, bacteria, dust mites and a variety of odors.

When the UV light rays hit the titanium dioxide surface, a chemical reaction occurs which produces what are known as hydroxyl radicals. These radicals quickly react with VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), micro bacteria, viruses, etc. to convert them into non-organic matter in the form of water and CO˛, thus rendering them harmless.

The Ultra-Pure™ multi-stage purification system effectively eliminates many molds, bacteria, viruses and germs as well as helping to neutralize fumes, vapors and chemical odors.

Technology #9: On-Demand Activated Oxygen Air Purification   Anion Continuous Negative Ion Generation:

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The Advanced Ultra-Pure™ 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier also comes with full-time Negative Ion generators which you can find in the super high priced air purifiers. These ions are always produced while the air purifier is turned-on and help continuously purify the air outside the unit. Folks nothing was left out of this unit that is counted as being effective at cleaning the air you breath. Please take the time to learn the many health benefits of negative ions.

How do Negative Ion Generators work? Nearly all airborne particles, including dust, smoke, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, have a positive charge, while negative ions, as the name implies, have a negative charge. As a result, of their opposite charges, the negative ions and positive particles magnetically attract each other. The more negative ions there are in the air, the more that stick to the potentially harmful positively charged particles and the heavier these particles become. Eventually, the particles become too weighed down by the negative ions to stay afloat and they fall to earth where they’re removed by normal cleaning activities such as vacuuming or dusting. This prevents them from being inhaled, which in turn, helps to reduce your risk of respiratory tract irritation and other breathing and health problems.

In nature, negative ions are created by sunlight, lightening, ocean waves and waterfalls. Unfortunately, urbanization has significantly disrupted the natural production of negative ions. However, Ultra-Pure™ Air Purifiers ceramic plate technology is able to electronically generate negative ions at a density even Mother Nature can’t match.

Studies have shown that negative ion generators clear smoke, decrease carbon monoxide levels, reduce infections in hospital emergency rooms, reduce driver fatigue and even help relieve clinical depression.

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Other Impressive Features

Multiple Air Inlets Design 

Nothing was spared in bringing you this state-of-art designed air filter. The multiple points at which air can enter the unit serves to maximizes air flow through the unit and facilitates efficient and effective cleaning of the air you breath.

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4-Mode Automatic On/Off Settings:
1. Manual on-off for continuous operation
2. 1-Hour for 1 hour continuous on then automatic turn-off
3. 2-Hour for 2 hours continuous on then automatic turn-off
4. 8-Hour for 8 hours continuous on then automatic turn-off

Intuitive Control Panel - Easy to read and understand.

Don't you think anybody can figure these controls. If it was this easy every body would be able to fly an air craft. It tells you when to clean the grid, when to replace the filter, and of course reset after each change. However as a backup you can contact us if you need assistance.

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Technical Specifications & Dimensions

Air Purifier Specs

Air Flow Volume Air Exchange Rate Noise
754 sq ft 4 106 cfm
(On High)
(On High)
Quiet: 20 dB AC 100-120-60Hz 80 W
(On High)
Low: 35 dB
Med: 45 dB
High: 52 dB


Air Purifier Dimensions

Height Width Depth Weight
24" 13.5" 10" 15 lbs


Ultraviolet Light Specs

Dimensions Voltage
Longevity Type
212.1 x 16.0 mm AC 110-60Hz 6W 254NM 3000 hrs. G5


cfm: cubic feet per minute | cfh: cubic feet per hour | dB: decibels | Hz: hertz | W: watts | mm: millimeters | NM: nanometers | Air Exchange Rate: The time needed to filter the air once in the applicable area.

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Ultra-Pure warrants air purifiers to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal operation and use for a period of one (1) year, from the date of original purchase. Under the terms of the warranty, Ultra-Pure will repair or replace any defective part(s) free of charge.

Upon discovery of a product defect, within the warranty period, you should immediately notify Ultra-Pure via telephone, email or fax to obtain product return and shipping instructions. You should send the product, shipping charges prepaid, to the designated service location, accompanied by your name, address and telephone number, proof of purchase date and a description of the defect.

The warranty does NOT include unusual wear, damage resulting from accident or unreasonable use and also does not include replacement filters, bulbs, aroma scent nor other disposable parts and supplies.

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Advanced 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier

International Shipping Information

Advanced 9 Stage Air Shield Air Purifier



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The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.

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