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Wein Sani-Mate AS250B

Air Ionizer/Purifier
Kills germs even when you didn't wash your hands

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Consider this device as an insurance against your child not washing his hands properly after using the toilet. The blast of 1.2 trillion negative ions can destroy bacteria and viruses on your hand or in the air. This little device is a must for hospitals and homes alike. This is a great defense against the flu and other air bourne pathagens. If you understand the health benefits of negative ions you will know how important this little device really is. For example did you know that airborne infections of the bacteria acinetobacter in an intensive care ward was eliminated by the installation of a negative air ionizer. Did you also know that in a recent study by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that ionizing a room led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% less bacteria in the air (since many of the pollutants found in the air reside on floating dust particles). Please be sure to read about the many health benefits of negative ions. This little device is perfect for you bathroom and ten time better than those polluting chemical air fresheners. When placed in your bathroom it:

  • Deodorizes

  • Sterilizes

  • Sanitizes

  • Reduces microbial growth

  • Help prevent bacterial infections

  • Eliminates the need for air fresheners

Few people realize that flushing a toilet or using a urinal releases an explosion of pathogenic microbes that coat every surface in the lavatory with fecal clostridium, streptococcus and E-Coli bacteria! Besides washing your hands carefully, you need some form of microbe protection. Many of these creatures that we breathe, eat or touch can result in serious life threatening infection.

How The Sani-Mate AS250B Works
The Wein Sani-Mate AS250B is based on the advanced, 21st century, patented, corona discharge technology developed to combat human disease micro-organisms. This is the same technology you will find in the Air Supply AS150 Personal Air Filter. Contaminated air is drawn into the corona discharge chamber and bombarded with ionized streams of electrons that destroy the pollutant molecules. At the same time ozone produced in the corona deodorizes any residual offensive gasses in the outgoing pure airstream.

Be Assured That Corona Discharge Technology Works  
Electron impact decomposition of pollutants has been studied extensively at UCLA School of Microbiology as well as by many other leading scientific laboratories both in the United States as well as Japan. Over 90% of airborne bacteria has been shown to be effectively controlled by this advanced anti-pollution technology.

Sani-Mate AS250B Installation Instructions

  1. Plug Sani-Mate AS250B in highest outlet available in the bathroom.

  2. An operating light should come on as well as internal neon yellow/orange light.

  3. A small sanitizing and deodorizing breeze should be emitted from center of grill.

  4. Allow 12 hours of germicidal plasma build-up for odor destruction and microbial control to begin.

  5. No maintenance is required other than checking periodically that the light is on indicating that dangerous microbial growth and odors are being controlled.

Sani-Mate AS250B Technical Specifications & Features
120V AC 2 watts

UL listed module

Ozone output less than .04 ppm

Ozone level building time 12 hours for 2000 cu. ft.

Negative Ion output: 1.2 trillion ions per second/cm2

Purified airflow 70 ft. per minute

Solid Platinum Emitter and Electroplated Gold plated stainless steel collectors

Built in night light

dimensions 2.9" x 3.3" x 1.9"

Weight 3 oz.

Easy to install, just plug it in.

Due to very low energy use, it only cost literally pennies a week to operate.

Zero maintenance design: silent, fanless and filterless

Operates continuously

1 year warranty 


We have priced this unit so that you can put one in every bathroom in your home to prevent molds and have clean, fresh rest room.

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Wein Sani-Mate AS250B Washroom Sterilizer

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2 Wein Sani-Mate Washroom Ionizer MSRP $79.95


3 Wein Sani-Mate Washroom Ionizer MSRP $79.95



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