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pHion Silvagen
Clinically PROVEN to kill 536 strains of bacteria!


Thisproduct has been discontinued - we suggest the you try Complete H2O Silver

  • Clinically Proven To Eradicate Microforms

  • Tested To Be Non Toxic

  • Helps Balance pH By Reducing Bad Microforms

  • Contains Single-Charged Silver Colloids

  • Virtually Tasteless

  • Safe 10 ppm Solution

Clinically PROVEN to kill 536 strains of bacteria!

Silvagen is simply the most advanced colloidal silver on the market today. Silvagen™ is non-toxic and yet lethal to bacteria, yeasts and some viruses. Silvagen™ is patented, and has been tested in thousands of tests against some of the deadliest bacteria that exist on the planet, and has been proven to easily kill every single bacteria tested so far. For complete details read the complete phion Silvagen Article

Numerous tests at major US universities and commercial labs like: UC Davis, Kansas State, Bringham Young University, IIT, and many other independent laboratories and universities, have proven the effectiveness of the product in killing thousands of strains of problematic bacteria like; Staph, TB, Strep, E-coli, Salmonella, a number of yeasts, and even the Anthrax spore.


A toxicology study was performed on Silvagen™ by an independent laboratory. The test, called an LD-50 test, was performed in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) Regulations, 16 CFR 2500.

In the test work, Silvagen™ was given to a number of both male and female test animals. The amount of Silvagen™ given to the animals was 5g/kg of 22 ppm solution, or the equivalent of a 200-pound man taking 192 teaspoons or about 8 full 4ounce bottles of the 10 ppm solution at one time (the normal adult dosage is one teaspoon per day).


As a result of the test work, the independent laboratory made the following conclusion. “Under the conditions of this study, there was no mortality or significant evidence of toxicity observed in the rats. The test article (Silvagen™) would not be considered toxic at a dose of 5g/kg by oral route in the rat.” 

Numerous independent hospitals, universities and private laboratories have been, and currently are, doing work on Silvagen™ as an antibiotic alternative and as a safe, external bacteria killing agent.

Human tests for both external and internal usage are currently underway. Test work completes to date includes: antibiotic test comparisons; thousands of tests against different kinds of bacteria; yeast elimination work; safety and toxicity data; independent tests against other, similar silver products; water treatment tests, etc.


Note: There are many different colloidal silver products on the market... some as high as 500-1000 ppm. We have proven that Silvagen™ is effective against all of these strains of bacteria at a strength as low as 2.5 ppm. If a silver has to be 1000 ppm to be effective, maybe it isn't effective or safe at all.

Each bottle of Silvagen™ contains 120 servings. You can also get Silvagen™ in some of our Supplement Packs.


For complete details read the complete phion Silvagen Article


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pHion Silvagen

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