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Alkazone Water Ionizer
Replacement Cartridge Filters

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The Premium Series Purification Filter Replacement Cartridges are constructed of 100% FDA approved materials. Materials are tightly packed into a sixty cubic inch filter to prevent channeling. These cartridges are used ONLY for the BHL Water Ionizer.

The Multi-Stage Granulated Activated Carbon is manufactured under specially controlled conditions. The multi-stages removes chlorine and organic materials, chemicals and the final stage is silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth in the filter. Contaminants as small as 1 micron in size (15 times smaller than a grain of sand) can effectively be removed from your water. The water ionizer filter also absorbs hazardous chromates, sulfates, chlorine, rust, sediment, and other organics.

Note that in areas of heavy sediment, the very fine mechanical filter can become clogged up, so that you would have to replace the filter sooner than 1000 gallons.

The standard filter which comes with the machine provides mechanical filtration down to 1 micron, and is otherwise based on Granular Activated Caron, for efficient removal of chlorine and organic chemicals. Contact your distributor or BHL for pre-filters to address other water quality issues, including fluoride, heavy metals, sediment etc, and how to identify water quality issues in your area.

Alkazone BHL-4202 Premium Cartridge Filter Specs

      Weight   18 ounces
      Size   Fits only BHL-4202 (Second Filter Cartridge)
      Capacity   1,000 gallons
      Post-Filter   add necessary minerals in purifued water
      Flow Rate   1 gpm (gallon per minute)
      pH   8-10.5

What Can The BHL-4202 Remove From Your Water

The best filter materials are employed to achieve a more than 99.999% efficiency rating in removing harmful parasites such as cryptosporidium. Chlorine and toxic chemicals are also efficiently removed for up to 1000 gallons of water use. Lead reduction is greater than 98%.

The BHL filter cartridges are the most effective water filtration cartridges available. It is constructed of coconut shell carbons with tiny pores capable of completely trapping the dangerous parasites (Guardia and cryptosporidium) that cause water contamination and “boil alerter” in major cities.

In other water filters, parasites can grow and slip through into drinking water. In contrast, the BHL filter cartridges can remove the tiniest organisms and sediment from water down to 1.0 microns in size.

BHL filter cartridges combine many effective filtering methods into one unique system to assure the purest water possible.


Filter Performance Table


Reduces to safe levels

Percentage of Removal



Taste & Odor










E.coli bacteria. Tested with live Escherichia coli >


Salmonella typhi test results >


Vibrio cholerae


Giardia cysts




Technical Specification


Cartridge Length


Cartridge Diameter


Filter Material

Coconut Shell carbon

End Cap Material

Glass Filled noryl thermal-plastic

Gasket Material


Typical Filtration Efficiency

  1.0 micron absolute

Parasites Removal Efficiency


Flow Rate

1-1.5 gallons per min.
at 45 PSI


Alkazone BHL 4200 Cartridge Filters

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Alkazone BHL 4200 Mineral Filter



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Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Pre-Filters & Housings

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