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Microwater ND-145/ND-155 Faucet Diverter

This faucet diverter is designed for the ND 145 Series I and ND 155 Series II  Microwater Ionizers and the Ion Fountain . These ionizers are equipped with a two hose design that is connected to the faucet. This is a hard to find item, that customers asked us to get for them. We understand how important providing accessories like this is to customers who made an investment in a Microwater ionizer. This diverter comes complete with the two prong diverter you see in the picture below plus other components to make it adaptable to the Microwater ND 145/155 ionizer. We also carry the NDF-O1A replacement cartridge filter for this model.

Please note that you can also find the correct faucet diverter, hoses etc on the Microwater ND-145 Water Ionizer page.

Microwater ND Faucet Diverter

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Microwater ND 145/155 Faucet Diverter with double hose


We are committed to helping be able to maintain your alkaline water ionizer. We know that you have made a significant investment in your alkaline water ionizer. In some cases you bought a machine that is no longer being sold and that is not supported by a service center. Customers appreciate the fact that we strive to carry all the accessories that we do. See all the other related links below:

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