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Vesta GDF Sediment Filter
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We no longer carry the Vesta GDF Sediment filter. We have in stock the Alkaviva Sediment filter for the Vesta. This filter is for the Vesta Alkaline Water Ionizer Only. You have so many options available to you in terms of replacement filters for your Alkaviva/IonWays Vesta 9 Plate Ionizer. If you typically have sediment in your water the best thing to do is to use the Vesta GDF Sediment filter in filter position #1 (it goes inside the left filter housing door). This filter is  a fiber filter that removes particulates and will serve the purpose of extending the life of the filter in position #2.

The Vesta Sediment filter is perfect for locations that get unfiltered water from their water company like New Your City. The water in New York City is not filtered; it is only treated with chemicals. If you live in New York and you put a more expensive filter in filter position #1 instead of using the Sediment filter you could be wasting money by having to change that expensive filter more often. Now some customers choose to do that any way because they want the cleanest possible water and that's fine, once you understand your options.

AlkaViva Vesta Sediment Filter

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AlkaViva Vesta Sediment Filter



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