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The Advanced CleanSweep
Replacement Cartridge Filter
works in  all Toyo, IE-Series, Ange, & Leveluk brand water ionizers


Reduces many contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, etc. See test results below for details

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The CleanSweep replacement cartridge filter is a Granulated Activated Carbon GAC filter. It is like the IEC-8000 which ships with IE Series water ionizers. It is also like the filters made by Enagic which are also GAC filters. The CleanSweep is actually an improvement over these other filters. It is truly a remarkable filter that works with all Toyo, IE-Series, Ange, & Enagic Leveluk brand water ionizers (made before 2011). The filter works like a champ, the water tastes crisp, sweet, and clean. There is no problems with flow rate and when you examine the list of contaminants removed by the CleanSweep you will see why the water it produces taste so great.

The Cleansweep Cartridge Filter can work in all the following machines:

Impart Group (IE Series)

Enagic Leveluk Brands

Toyo Models

IE-900 IE-500 IE-300 SD501 DXII Sunus Pure Porte Protec


Sanastec Kangen Brands

Ange 960 Ange Lotus King TYH-303 Lotus Alpha ATX-503E Protec ATX-501 Venus_TYH-33

When Should You Change The Clean Sweep?
As stated above there are no problems with flow rate with the Clean Sweep, but it doesn't mean that so long as water is flowing through the filter that the water is being filtered. Like the IEC-8000, MW-7000C, the OS-100 (for Ange water ionizers), and the Enagic GAC filters, the CleanSweep will continue to allow water flow through it even after the filter's filtration capacity has been exhausted. This means that you may need to make note of when you replaced the filter so you can change it with six months and no more than one year.  We suggest that you try the CleanSweep as well as the other USA made filters that we carry and then choose which one you prefer for future use.  Read further to see the great test results of the Clean Sweep.

We are not the only ones who think the CleanSweep is fantastic, NSF International has given it its seal of approval.

Complete Water Report Results

Understanding the report:
1st column: Lists the type of contaminant 
2nd column: Unit of measurement
3rd column: Drinking water quality standard
4th column: Inlet (source) water quality
5th column: Outlet (purified) water quality results

Observation #1: Do no harm: you will notice that the water being tested was not contaminated with many contaminants that water sometimes have, but also important is that after filtration, the filter did not contaminate the resulting water. In other words do no harm. We should also point out that although we did not witness a reduction in fluoride because no fluoride was detected in the inlet water, the manufacturer has stated that this filter was tested to reduce or entirely remove fluoride depending on the level of fluoride in the source water. You will notice below that although it is not regarded as a pesticide filter, it was effective at reducing the nitrate/nitrogen.

Observation #2: Not detected or reduced: Almost every contaminant on page 2 (below) was rendered undetectable or reduced except hydrogen which had a slight increase. Hydrogen by the way is what we need more of.

We feel confident that this filter will serve you and your family very well. What's more it is a more affordable option.

Replacement Cartridge Filter

CleanSweep works in  all Toyo (Pure Porte II, Protec, Millenium) , IE-Series (IE-300, IE-400, IE-500, IE-900) , Ange, & Enagic Leveluk brand water ionizers (made before 2011)

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CleanSweep GAC Filter Cartridge




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