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IE Series Water Ionizers
Replacement Cartridge Filters

IE-300 Water Ionizers IE-400 Water Ionizers IE-500 Water Ionizers IE-900 Water Ionizers

There are several replacement cartridge filter choices available for the IE Series Microwater ionizers. Please link to the respective pages for details on each filter. The filters currently used most often for the IE models are the filters made in the USA.

Carbon Block Filters Made In USA





  Premium & Ultra May Need Pre-filter  





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Pure Porte GAC Cartridge Filter

Professional Cleaning Service

See below for details



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Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Pre-Filters & Housings

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge: Very important for that your water ionizer be maintained and the cleaning cartridge is highly recommend for this reason. If you have never used the cleaning cartridge before and you have been using your machine for several years, you most likely are not drinking ionized alkaline water. Calcium build up will prevent the water from making direct contact with the electrolysis plates, and so minimize whatever ionization that would have taken place. You can use the alkaline water test kit to see if your machine is still making alkaline water. In any case it would be a great idea to use the cleaning cartridge at least once a year to get the most out of your machine that have served you so well over the years. The cleaning cartridge is a true blessing which will actually prolong the life of your ionizer. It represents an effective way to clean the inside of your water ionizer.

Professional Cleaning Service: Also for your information we do have a service center that can repair your machine or do a professional cleaning service. The cost of covers the cleaning, inspection, testing and return shipping of your unit (except if you live in Hawaii or Alaska)

Kangen Water Owners: If you have a a Kangen Water Ionizer, please DO NOT order your filter from this page. Click on one of the Kangen Water links on the menu above.

Why You Might Need A Pre-Filter: Most customers use our filters without the need for a pre-filter. However please note that our filters are carbon block design which means they are more tightly packed with filtration media. The filters produced by Enagic are granulated activated carbon (GAC) with much larger pores which allows more contaminants to get trough the filter. In fact the GAC filters will work forever even though its filtration capacity has been exhausted. Customers might think that "my filter worked great for 2 years" not realizing that they we simply drinking dirty water all along.

Our Kangen Water compatible carbon block filters will not allow you to drink dirty water. If your water has sediments (microscopic) the filters will clog up and slow its output. This is more inclined to occur with the PREMIUM and ULTRA Performance cartridge filters. For this reason we suggest that a pre-filter be installed to remove sediments before the water goes to the filter in your machine. Please call us for more information on this.

Quick Filter Comparison Chart

New Kangen Water Compatible  Replacement Filters

High Performance

Premium Performance

Ultra Performance

Carbon Type

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Micron Rating

5 Micron

2 Micron 0.5 Micron
Chlorine taste and odor reduction
High VOCs (household chemicals, pesticides) reduction
High TOCs (herbicides, detergents, fertilizers, industrial chemicals) reduction
98% Heavy Metals (lead, mercury, nickel, etc) reduction
99.95% Cyst, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, reduction
Filter Capacity 3,000 gallons 3,000 gallons 3,000 gallons

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Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Pre-Filters & Housings

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