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The Vesta GL UltraWater Filter
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The UltraWater was tested to remove up to 99.9% of the toughest to filter contaminants including:

Chlorine / Chloramines
Disinfectant Byproducts
Heavy Metals

Look at these test results  or see the PDF

UltraWater has found a way to maximize the filtration of the bad stuff from tap water while leaving the healthy stuff in it. This has always been the challenge for manufacturers of alkaline water ionizers. Alkaviva has raised the bar on the water filtration industry with 99.9% reduction of an exhaustive list of the toughest to remove contaminants. Don’t settle for less. The objective of the UltraWater is to address all the concerns American consumers have including chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals etc.  

Ultra Clean Water: The UltraWater filter removes lead, arsenic, and yes fluoride, and other harmful contaminants to 99.9%.
Ultra Safe: The UltraWater filter was tested in an US EPA / NELAP Certified Independent Laboratory to government standards. See test results below.
Advanced Research Credentials: The UltraWater filter was created using WQA certified water specialists, engineers and doctors with expensive knowledge of water technologies.
Natural: The UltraWater filter is 100% chemical free, all-natural and sustainable media.
Green: When you use an ionizer instead of bottled water you are reducing plastic waste by up to 95%. Say NO to bottled water forever!

The AlkaViva UltraWater filter has taken our years of experience, knowledge, and expertise and combined technologies in a proprietary process to provide the ultimate protection from drinking water contaminates. Traditional water filter use loose, granulated water filter media beds to reduce certain contaminates from drinking water. This leaves tiny spaces between the media allowing small percentages of water to pass through untouched.

The UltraWater uses the highest quality medias available and then transforms them into solid forms to literally block contamination from passing through and ending in your glass. This creates a greater contact time with the water and removes much higher percentages of contamination than traditional loose media beds. The UltraWater Filter offers superior removal of chlorine, chloramines, disinfectant byproducts, VOC’s, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, nickel and iron. (Most to non-detectable levels in laboratory testing) In addition it greatly improves taste and odor giving you a great tasting and clean glass of water.

UltraWater is being billed as the most advanced ionizer filter available in our industry.

This UltraWater may only be used in the Vesta model ionizer and is manufactured in the US using NSF certified components. Designed for the right-hand compartment ONLY.

Ultra Water Test Results

Test Results PDF

Vesta GL UltraWater Filter

International Shipping Information

ULTRAWater Filter for Vesta Water Ionizer


Filter Installation Suggestion:

The Vesta uses two replacement filters. Typically for customers who are not concerned about fluoride in their water (people who have wells or non-fluoridated tap water) can install the Vesta GDF Sediment Filter as filter #1, and either the Vesta GSF Standard Filter or the Vesta UltraWater Filter or the Vesta Ultra Fine GUF Internal Filter as filter #2. Alternatively, if you want to filter fluoride out of  your tap water, you can install the Vesta UltraWater Fluoride/Arsenic Filter as filter #1, and either the Vesta GSF Standard Filter or the Vesta UltraWater filter or the Vesta Ultra Fine GUF Internal Filter as filter #2. For more details click here


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